Mobile phones in gas stations - why not?

In all the petrol bunks (that’s what we call gas stations here) here, they have a sign which says both “No Smoking” and “No Mobile Phones” (or an equivalent). What’s the deal? Someone told me that mobile phones can cause sparks - I don’t believe they can. If they don’t, where did the idea to ban them from gas stations originally come from?

Snopes: Cellular phones have touched off explosions at gas stations. (false)

The ban is an appeal to the public ignorance. There is a better chance of causing an explosion at a fuling pump while eating Lifesavers.

Here is a recent thread, with links on even earlier threads:

But to answer your questions:

No one has ever reported a case of a cell phone causing a spark that set a gas station on fire.

But, that has been reported as an urban legend, so stations are fearful that it might happen. (Similarly, there is a law in the US against “subliminal advertising,” even though that’s a load of horse hockey.)

Some gas stations in the US post signs that cell phones interfere with equipment. Maybe that’s true, maybe not. But that’s there story, and they’re stickin’ to it.

Probably because some people don’t have the wits about them to pay attention to the pump while using a phone. I watched a woman lock her pump handle with her gas cap and start talking on the phone, somehow she tripped over the hose and knocked it out of her tank and the gas was just a spurting on the ground.

We received a safety advisory at work (I work at an airport) describing some phone accidents at service stations. I’ll see if it’s still there and get back to you.

Incorrect, as mentioned in the link you cited. See my message in that thread.

maybe static has something to do with this and the service store owners are afraid that a spark may come from static.