Mod conflict of interest

Yesterday in the Should moderator actions be in public or in private? thread, @What_Exit replied to @DrDeth accusing him of misrepresenting something, gave his (W-E’s) side of the story, and then used his mod powers to prevent @DrDeth or anyone else replying.

Surely it’s inappropriate to use mod powers to block people from criticising your actions or disagreeing with you in a discussion?

It can be appropriate, and shutting down this tangent was appropriate. I think What Exit? could have gone without offering his opinion first - ecg did something similar recently, on the other side of the issue.

I don’t think we are supposed to talk about other board drama at all.

But mods are entirely within their rights to get in the last word.


Especially as he is not the Mod for ATMB.

He could have made contact with the proper Mod and requested the action, that would not have looked so bad.

He also indicates his activity as different than reality.

Not to mention- “dozens of reports” is meaningless as some people have taken it upon themselves to report posters they do not like.

That was not about “other board drama”. It was a simple fact that a “employee” was spending time in a forum dedicated to bashing the place where he 'worked". No drama over there was discussed.

Your allegation itself counts as inter board drama, at least in my opinion.


WE made the exact right call.


a person employed for wages or salary, especially at nonexecutive level.

I’ve wondered about this official/unofficial rule that stifles discussion here about the presence of the Behind Your Back forum there which is virtually 100% snark about sdmb members. Could be retro snark ( a deep dive into old sdmb posts bringing up ancient drama for shits and giggles) or current snark ( also for shits and giggles and to mobilize raffers for bbq pit pile ons).

What’s the problem with exposing its existence here?

If it was appropriate to shut down the tangent, then it wasn’t really appropriate for WE to first continue it by giving his own opinion.

Says the person who is an admin at Giraffe and posts in the Behind Your Back threads. Since the Giraffe board is so innocent, why don’t you tell everyone here what you did with the info you got from going thru my profile?

And for once, Demon Tree is right. That was a shitty mod decision by WhatExit?, knowing ahead of time that posters are prohibited from talking about anything that goes on over there. ECG should have at least mod noted him for that and deleted his post. WhatExit? basically called DrDeth a liar, in ATMB where I don’t think you are allowed to call someone a liar, plus he attacked DrDeth and not his posts. If that hair is going to be split for posters, it sure as hell should be for moderators.

I would also like to know if WhatExit? hid my post temporarily so it was out of sight until he could compose his response. I got a message that my post was flagged by “the community” and hidden until a mod could read it. Considering it was only up for about five minutes and nobody else posted in the thread I would be surprised if enough community members even read the post much less flagged it as inappropriate. Especially since it reappeared when WhatExit? posted his reply and I was not mod noted for it.

I am an Admin at the GB. I honestly have no idea what you mean about info gained by going through your profile. Furthermore, I generally don’t know what someone could even do with information from a profile. We can discuss this further over PMs if you want.

By “we” you mean you as a Admin at another board? How did you, as a admin of another board, have any input whatsoever here at the SDMB about making “the call”?

I assume by WE he meant “What Exit”.

No. W.E. = What Exit.

Man, talk about a “conflict of interest”. Is it surprising that you, as a Admin at another board would be in favor of stopping any criticism of that board?

Your posts here show that the problem is very real.

And, just to nitpick, you posted “WE” not “W.E.”.

Yes you do. You just know that I’m not allowed to mention it here, so you can play innocent about it. If your memory is really that bad, go back to your board and search posts in the BYB thread where people talked about me for a couple hours and link to what you contributed. If it’s no big deal, you are not breaking SDMB rules about posting anything bad about Giraffe.

It is against the rules to note whether you reported a post or not outside the Pit, so your question is unlikely to be answered, but I’d note that your post could be read by other members as instigating a board war and therefore could be reportable.

I’ve heard or Reptilians controlling our governments, but could Giraffes be controlling our message boards?

We don’t allow board wars. This is closed.

We have no control over Giraffe or any other message board. If you have a problem with something that people are doing on Giraffe, take it to Giraffe. Don’t bring the issue back over here.