Model airport

Very long video of a model airport. The take-offs and landings are cool.

Didn’t watch it all but what I saw was quite impressive. I like how the airplanes take off and disappear behind the screen. Nicely done!

Yeah, and the wind must have shifted, too. Mostly they were using 26, but I saw one landing on 08.

Thought I saw the colors of the Dash 80 prototype, too, but it looked like it had only two engines.

I just checked. Yup - Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. (The one in Germany.)

What you might not pick up from this video is that this is only one room, in fact only about half of one room. There are six rooms, all stuffed full, with a level of detail that boggles the imagination. And they’re not done yet. Apparently they intend to keep building until they run out of space, and since they’re in a row of partially abandoned warehouses, they have a lot of space. Let’s hear it for kids who never grow up, but just move on to more expensive toys :smiley:

Worth a visit if you are anywhere near Hamburg.

I first saw Miniatur Wunderland on a program hosted by James May about toys, and ever since have wanted to visit Hamburg just to see that place.

Oh my gosh are you kidding me!! That was sooooo cool!!!

Arrrrgggghhhh…look out for the giant feet on the taxi way!

That is just too cool!

I really want a godzilla suit.

I always thought the best thing about model railroads were the train wrecks…
And the service vehicles are hauling ass! :slight_smile:

Lots of guys play with toys once they’re grown. But the guys behind Miniatur Wunderland were special enough to have made a business out of it. That takes skill and some luck.

I guess a lot of the vehicular traffic is automated-but does somebody drive the planes by remote? Are they actually flying, or running on virtually invisible wires?

They have rods holding them up from the runway.
Close close, and pause.

FYI, there was another thread (with another video) about this about a year ago. Cool then, still cool now.