Modelers: Guillow's Cessna 150 r/c mod

It’s been ‘forever’ since I’ve built a Guillow’s flying model airplane or a radio-controlled airplane. Back then, electric power was virtually unheard of and ‘miniature’ servos were about 25 mm square and 40 mm long. Today there is a large selection of small electric motors and tiny r/c systems. And it happens that I have some unbuilt Guillow’s models in a box…

So here’s what I’d like to do: Build a Guillow’s Cessna 150 model with the 24" wingspan, and make it radio-controlled. Questions:
[ul][li]What electric motor should I use? (I don’t want to use a gas motor.) Brand and model number requested.[/li][li]What radio system should I use? Brand and model number requested. Also, are these systems available as complete sets? Or is it an à la carte thing?[/li][li]Two-channel, or three-channel?[/li][list][li]If two-channel, elevators and rudder; or elevators and ailerons? (The former would be much easier to build.)[/li][li]If three-channel, elevator, rudder, and ailerons? Or elevator, rudder, and throttle? (Assuming a variable-speed motor is available this small.)[/ul][/li][li]Should the control surfaces be balsa sheet? Or should they be frame-and-tissue?[/list][/li]I’m thinking I should delete the stringers and sheet the fuselage for strength. What thickness of sheeting should I use? I want it to be strong, but I also want it light. Any other tips you can share?

Thanks in advance.

Another question:

Looking at the plans, I’m reminded that the wings are built flat. OK for rubber-powered free-flight, but shouldn’t there be some wash-out for r/c? How big of a ‘block’ should I use at the root to get the proper amount of wash-out at the tip?

You will need at least a 3 channel radio system,good brands are HiTech,Futaba and JR.
Normal configuration for 3 channel fixed wing is rudder,elevator and throttle.
Radio systems can be purchased as a compleat package or as separate components.
There are two frequency bands used for R/C radios, the older 72Mhz band and the newer 2.4Ghz band, both have there pluses and minuses and talking to the people at your local hobby shop will help you decide which is best for your needs.
Variable speed motor controlers are the norm and are not expensive.
Your motor choices are between brushed type moters which are less expensive but have less lifespan and use more power and brushless type motors which cost a little more but last longer,run cooler and use less power for an equal output.
Be sure that the type of moter controler you chose matches the type motor used. brushed or brushless.
Cant help with the construction details as I prefer to fly R/C helicopters.
A good online store is and a good place to ask questions is
Have fun
Mike AKA LIONsob

You have to be a member to use the search function, but I entered the url, cessna, 150, and Guillow into google and found this page. Pretty amazing model-building there!

And the answer to my OP is on the first page (the last post).