Moderation in the More Jokes thread

There was no warning.

Just a note.

For ignoring the mod’s note to you and arguing in the thread, you were fortunate to not get a warning yourself. ECG was kind. Honestly that one was pretty clear cut when you continued to argue.

I very much doubt bob_2 is on anyone’s shit list. Again, it was just a note.

This seems like a lot of work over a simple little reminder to not alter someone else’s post in a quote box.

So, maybe this will help.

We have suspensions of various length, usually requires multiple warnings or something pretty bad to get one. Though a one day suspension is a much lesser thing. Little more than a warning with a time out.

We have warnings, they are clearly labeled as such and recorded in two different ways in the SDMB system. Also posters get a PM sent to them with the full details.

Then we have notes. Notes are basically temporary, though once in a rare time, we add a user note also. This still isn’t a warning but as an example we had a user for a while that kept linking directly to downloads and before he got the warning, he had a user note entered about it so when he did this again a week later, the other mods knew to now warn him. He quickly built up to a suspension if I recall correctly and never returned.

I often include this on my notes,

This is just a guidance, not a warning. Nothing on your permanent record.

But that is just me, and not all the time. It is a little macro (canned reply) I made up.

Here’s the link to the mod note.

No mention of a warning anywhere. In addition, the mods do not keep track of mere notes, unless people continue to violate the rules or ignore mod instructions. bob_2 is not on the mods’ shit list, or on a list of any kind.

Or, yeah. What What_Exit said.

And yet . . .

On the other hand, if we don’t take a zero tolerance approach to quote boxes, then we start having rules lawyering and some people will say this and that was acceptable and this other thing wasn’t, and it becomes a nightmare to moderate. It’s much easier for everyone to have a bright line rule in this case.

And as for draconian, if you aren’t doing it to be malicious, all we usually do is hand out a mod note, which is exactly what was done in this case. I wouldn’t call that draconian. If we had actually issued a warning, you might have a point. But we didn’t, and normally don’t for this type of situation.

bob_2 is definitely not on my shit list. I seriously doubt that he is on any mod’s shit list. Seriously, this wasn’t that big of a deal. It was just a mod note.

bob_2 even agreed with the moderation.

The mod note was appropriate.

Rickjay’s instruction to take it to ATMB was apropriate.

ECG’s reminder to take it to ATMB, saying that a violation would result in a warning, was appropriate.

Hari_Seldon’s note, 2 hours later, in the post immediately following ECG’s post, and saying the exact same thing, was ridiculous. Doesn’t he ever read the threads he moderates?

That does look poor but was he possibly posting it at the same time? (I can’t tell, the timestamp to me just says both were 7 hours ago, that could be within seconds of each other or a half hour apart.) If they posted at the same time he might not have known ECG was posting the same thing.

If there was a significant time gap and he just did a drive-by note, ignoring the redundancy, that would be pretty lame, yes.

If you hover over the 7H it shows you the actual time.
ECG’s was Sep 28, 12:18 PM
Hari’s was Sep 28, 12:53 PM

I agree that this is a non-issue, a mere note is just a slight slap on the wrist. And though @bob_2 had no ill intent, it was a bit condescending, though maybe out of ignorance. I remember that @nightshadea, when addressed about his posting style, mentioned that he has some medical issues that makes it easier for him to post in that style. I’ve never had a problem with that after he explained this, and I think he’s a very valuable poster for this board. But of course not everybody knows or remembers this.

ETA: and I also agree that the mods should be strcit about the rule of not altering quotes. Otherwise it would open a can of worms.

Thank you, I hadn’t realized that. Okay, that’s a pretty significant gap, I can see Peter’s point.

When I wrote my post, it looked even longer. ECG’s post showed ‘4 hours’ and Hari’s sowed ‘2 hours’ Not sure why that would happen when the gap was less than an hour. Even so, it is long enough that Hari should have seen the prior note.

I think we already know from prior threads that he doesn’t. To add to the problem, it seems the other mods can’t get him to change and our absentee admin just doesn’t want to be bothered.

If it makes him feel better , for a small fee, I would be open to putting @bob_2 on my shit list. This would entail me following him around and belittling all his posts for a set period of time. The package also includes one pitting on the subject of my choice. My prices are very reasonable. :wink:

TIL this.

Thank you for being the only one to address my point.

Seems to me that Hari saw ecg’s note as specifically addressed to Knowed_Out thus Hari decided to address everyone.

I interpreted Hari’s post as being a bit of a meta post as he knows his moderation has been under critique for awhile and he posted that in a joke thread and followed the moderation portion with a demand for more jokes. At the very least, it made me smile.

Whoa, Nellie. First time in a while I agreed with the eight legged one. Nailed it!

Or, instead of coming up with a new explanation every time Hari doesn’t read a thread he mods, we could just admit he is totally disconnected from the threads and the people he mods.

If you could show me he has some sort of history of meta jokes I may agree with you. As it is, we know he has a history of not reading time stamps or threads so I’m going to go with that. The last thread complaining about this was only a couple of days ago. Horses, not zebras.

Is Hari also paying you for that service, or is it more of a pro bono thing?

Somehow, I have the feeling Hari wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire. However, I am open to any poster sending money my way. My only concern is that bob_2 does not feel left out by not being on anyone’s shit list. I know it can be lonely to be excluded from a group and since I like bob_2, I’m willing to put in the extra work to make him feel included.