Modern Attempts at Contactin Harry Houdini?

I caught the History Channel documentary on the famous magician, Harry Houdini. I found it interesting that Houdini devoted much of his time to exposing fraudulent mediums, and even made a pact with his wife (to see if he could contact her after death). Bess Houdini (according to the film) tried every Halloween eve, from 1927-1936-she finally gave up on the 10th anniversary of his death. Lately, a distinguished group of American magicians placed a call in to harry, but he didn’t pick up. My question: if anybody could be contacted, it should be Houdini-have any “mediums” claimed contact? What did Harry have to say?
By the way, i was amazed at the price paid (at auction) for the “Chinese water Torture Cell”-has any modern magician used this prop since? :confused:

At the Magic Castle in Los Angeles (the private club for MAgicians) they have the “Houdini Seance Room” You cna have dinner in the room and then hold a seance to contact him. It’s only 90 dollars a person.

(None of the magicians believe in it. Its just good publicity.)