Modern day equivalents of classic actors

So I was thinking the other day about how Hugh Grant is the modern day Cary Grant, and not just because of the surname. And then I thought Harrison Ford was kind of like Humphrey Bogart.

It’s harder for me to think of female equivalents, because the role of women in movies has changed so much, they don’t easily compare anymore.

So here’s my list so far:

Humphrey Bogart = Harrison Ford
Cary Grant = Hugh Grant
Jimmy Stewart = Tom Hanks
Robert Redford = Brad Pitt
Paul Newman = George Clooney
Jerry Lewis = Jim Carrey

I’m struggling to find who people like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johannson, Kate Winslet, or Leonardo DiCaprio might match up with.

Hugh Grant is the modern-day Cary Grant? :eek:

I’d say George Clooney is the modern-day Cary Grant, and I’d say Harrison Ford is more Gary Cooper than Humphrey Bogart.

Considering this further, I can’t think of anyone like Humphrey Bogart.

Not one of the modern ones really measures up. The truly great ones are all gone.

Jack Nicholson was clearly bogie-inspired in Chinatown.

Currently, I’d go for Bruce Willis.