Modern equivelents for old automotive electrical tech?

Long story short, Does anyone sell 6 volt, positive ground system solid state regulator?

I’m working on some older vehicles and tractors (well, it’s a hobby anyway). It’s all technology from the 50s and back with 6 volt battery systems (which actually run around 7 volts), most of it positive ground. Unfortunately having a reliable electrical system is a bit hard, the newer reproduction parts don’t seem to last, and since they sit idle for good periods of time it doesn’t do the points based stuff much good. I have the worst problem with my stock voltage regulators.

On a semi related note, does anyone sell a 6 volt flasher that works with LED bulbs?

I’ve looked all over the web and haven’t had any luck finding either.


Some auto parts stores may have access to them. It might be easier to find a 6v negative ground unit (VW specialist source might have) and convert the systems to negative ground. This would mean polarizing the generator and reversing the connections at the ignition coil. On the tractors, I don’t believe anything else is polarity-sensitive. With other vehicles, I’m not sure what else would be affected by polarity – so far only the radio comes to mind.

Is this helpful?