Modern Family 2/23 Regrets Only

What I love the most is how Claire just doesn’t care about it. It’s the “yeah my husband get’s all hot and bothered around the young hot latina, but it’s not like he’ll cheat on me…” kind of thought process. It’s something that seems to real.

I agree that this show rarely misses. Even when all the plots aren’t great, there are enough great lines and situations to make me laugh throughout. I was shocked to find my mother, who usually loves humor like this, can’t stand Modern Family…I’m thinking about disowning her as my mother. :wink:

Just watched it. Loved the fact that Gloria and Phil assumed it was everything but what the issue actually was. The editing is brilliant on that show.

“Air Bunnies”. Nuff said.

Lesson I learn every day: Woman is crazy

Manny’s birthday. Manny in the big floatie and Gloria with the gun. Priceless.

Oh please, I can unbutton your shirt from here.

I think of Mitchell, who has locked himself inside the princess castle he was trying to build, sticking his mug thru the peephole, yelling at Cam and his father (who he has been arguing with after they gently inform him he isn’t very “handy” when working with tools) “Enjoy your lite beer, bitches!”

Maybe the funniest sight gag I have seen on TV in my entire life…

The other great scene was from the very first episode, when Cam and Mitchell want to show off Lilly (whom they had just adopted) to the family for the first time. Mitchell tells everyone that he has huge news, and for some reason his father Jay assumes that he is going to announce that he has left boyfriend Cam.

Mitchell is hurt by the assumption, and defends Cam to his dad, saying that Cam is NOT overly dramatic. At that moment, Cam, shown in spotlight, grandly enters the room, holding new baby Lilly aloft, while music from the Lion King trumpets in the background.


The escalator scene on the Valentine’s Day episode with Jay, Gloria, Phil, and Claire.