Modern Family 2/23 Regrets Only

You give me a message this tiny…I keeel you
You insult a woman’s driving and you use the air ponies…you do that to me and I keeel you

Cello Submarine

Not “air ponies”, “air bunnies” - watch as she’s wiggling her fingers up and down while making air quotes while she’s saying it, making rabbit ears. (I use closed captioning on this show for when Gloria speaks.) I loved Gloria’s singing “Angel of the Morning”.

You keep this up, and that won’t be the only plug I’ll pull.

Loved the look on Claire’s face when here father told her, “When you get a massage, you sound like a Tijuana hooker.”

Unfortunately the Cam-Mitchell subplot was horribly sitcom-cliche, although the stuff with Luke acting as Cam’s assistant was cute.

The subplot about Haley’s nonexistent restaurant job scam was completely superfluous.

That was a pretty good rendition of “Danny Boy”, though. Not punching the pathos in the classic Irish tenor style, but a fine voice.

and Harp Attack.

Anyone else 100% identify with the “I have no idea why we’re fighting” theme? I’m just thankful I didn’t watch this episode with my wife, or I’m pretty sure my kitchen would be covered with fire extinguisher residue too.

I agree. While I liked the kid’s closing line, he should have been happy after the way Gloria butchered everything.


I thought he sang it pretty well, myself.

“Air Bunnies” alone made the entire show worthwhile.

I am totally calling them air bunnies from now on.

I thought that it was hilarious! That was quite a great “Phil moment”, and exactly what you expect from the character – to be clueless as to what exactly provoked his wife’s anger. Great stuff!

My favorite line of the night!

I don’t know… I kind of thought “Happy…Valenbirthaversary” was pretty good! :smiley:

Absolutely!!! Best line of the night!

There is just never a bad episode of this show.

Not to mention that I’m hard pressed to think of any other sitcom currently on TV that has two actors with the equivalent combined hotness factor of Julie Bowen and Sofía Vergara. Holy Smokes :eek: I freaking LOVE how Phil is not so subtle when it comes to taking opportunities to be around Gloria. It’s such a man thing to do. He has a super hot wife, yet he can’t help but lust (maybe too strong of a word?) after Gloria.

Which makes me wonder what scene do you first think of when Modern Family comes to mind? For me it’s usually this.

I was cracking up when Phil was falling asleep in the middle of the concert and randomly blurted out “Harps!” while clapping.

I watched with my wife. She was mad at me by the time it was over.

Wow! Guys…was that a great sweater Gloria was wearing or what!?