Modern Family goes to Hawai'i (open spoilers)

Well, it’s only season one, but Modern Family is already doing the classic sitcom 2-parter where everyone goes to Hawai’i (filmed on location of course). Usually this only happens when a show’s on it’s last legs and the producers are desperate for a gimmick (also to con the network out of a free trip to Hawai’i).

As long as there’s no cursed tiki idol, I’m confident they’ll do a great job (as they have all season).

Maybe Julie Bowen had to go to Hawaii to film some scenes for the LOST finale?

A so-so episode (and I generally enjoy Modern Family quite a bit) that could have used a bit of punching up…

The kids on MF are the weakest thing about the show, and don’t seem to really need to be there. Cam and Mitchell are still my favorite characters, but I like Phil quite a bit too. (and Julie Bowen, whom I had never heard of until Modern Family, is still a MILF of the highest order)

Anyways, I am still a fan of the show, but hope that the quality of the writing remains high.

Actually, the way this sitcom is written, I think a group trip is a great idea. I mean, they are an extended family, and to see them all in a new environment together sounds like a good premise.

As it happens, for me to watch a show set in an airport today was a bit odd, as I have spent a big chunk of my past 24 hours in various airports around the country…

(as an aside, can Delta Airlines ever get ANYTHING right?!?)

As long as it lets us see Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen in bikinis, they can do anything they want.

But I will admit this was one of the weakest episodes.

Don’t forget, Gloria found a topless beach for her and Jay to hang out at after everyone else leaves.

I thought Phil & Mitch together was by far the best part of the episode. Mitch’s personality is like Claire’s, but even moreso.

I like the kids. Manny is exceptional, Luke is the comic relief and the girls are, well, girls.

I especially liked when the smarter, younger daughter fell off the couch laughing at her sister. Kicking her feet in the air, laughing her head off like that. So unlike her but still a good time.

Oh, yeah… bikinis. :wink:

I was wondering if there was anyone else out there loving this show as much as me. Gloria is still my favorite character (she’s a class act, which was unexpected) with Jay next, who’s not nearly as mean as early episodes implied.

I, too, felt this episode was not up to snuff. Though, I think some of that is the unresolvedness of being a two-parter. The discussion about the playdate seemed awkward; hopefully, in some future epi they’ll explore the mystique of the ‘popular’ baby. I don’t think I laughed as much during this one and I can’t think of a line or scene that killed me.

Yeah, like that’ll make it to Disney’s ABC in primetime. :frowning:

I liked it. Thought it was a nice “slice of life” episode and it perfectly created the chaos of getting a family ready and out the door, and then the boredom of sitting around at the airport and waiting to take off.