Modern Living Legends in the Acting Biz

I’m not talking about Bob Hope and Milton Berle. Those guys are real living legends. I’m talking about people still giving it a go at things. My list even includes a few who have only recently crossed over into the category of legends (it’s gotta start somewhere)

My Ten (no order):
1 Bill Cosby
2 Tom Hanks
3 Harrison Ford
4 Jack Nicolson
5 Jerry Seinfeld (some will disagree, but I feel strongly)
6 Sean Connery
7 Robin Williams
8 Dustin Hoffman
9 Julia Roberts
10 Paul Newman

Kevin Spacey
John Goodman
Denzel Washington
Kurt Russell
Kevin Bacon
John Travolta

Robert DeNiro
Clint Eastwood
Al Pacino
A second for John Travolta
Val Kilmer

Cameron Daiz
Renee Russo
Heather Graham (I love those blue eyes)
Meg Ryan
Goldie Hawn
Katherine Hepburn
Elizabeth Taylor
Marge Simpson
Mary Tyler Moore

Harvey Keitel - I think he has the best filmography of any actor.

When I used to play the Kevin Bacon Game, my favorite challenge of all time was linking Harvey Keitel’s penis to Kevin Bacon WITHOUT using Harvey Keitel. It wasn’t very hard.

Gene Hackman
Kenneth Branagh (although he’s slipping fast)
Anthony Hopkins
Yahoo Serious (okay, he’s here as a sorbet, to clear the palette)

Kevin Spacey
Meryl Streep
Shirley McClaine
Robert Downey, Jr. (yes, you heard me correctly)
Al Pacino
Donald Sutherland

Robert DeNiro
Al Pacino
Jodie Foster
Willem Dafoe
Shirley Maclaine
Anthony Hopkins
Dustin Hoffman
Jack Nicholson
Goldie Hawn
Olivia De Haviland

John Cusack
Johnny Depp (recently got there I think)
Whoopi Goldberg
Geoffrey Rush
Christopher Walken