Modern Poetry

The philisophical cousin of “What is the worst line of poetry” in IMHO.

Is modern poetry off the deep end? Has it (like much of modern art) alienated a lot of people? Is it no longer artistic?

Note that I am using the term “modern poetry” pretty loosely. Define it as you wish in your replies.

My viewpoint may not be as objective as it ideally should, being that I am a great lover/writer of poetry (“great” not necessarily applying to the latter), so take my opinion however you wish–but I definitely wouldn’t say modern poetry, by which you mean I don’t know what (the past couple years, or decades, or centuries?), is not artistic. Off the deep end it may be, but if you ask me sometimes that makes it all the more artistic. I personally like it to be quite vague, so that the meaning is not so dully obvious and can be molded to the reader’s own interpretation. For instance, Jim Morrison’s poetry (which I consider modern). DEFINITELY off the deep end. But not unartistic, by any stretch of the imagination. Whose poetry, for example, would you consider not artistic, or did you have any particulars in mind?