Modern turn signal design flaw

Modern turn signals are too quiet. The flashers on the old ones were very audible, some even making chime-like sounds. Sometimes I catch myself driving too far after a turn that should have, but didn’t, cancel the signal. I wouldn’t do that if I was able to hear the signal above the radio and road noise. I blame silent turn signals for blue-hairs driving for miles without turning.

My Windstar DINGs at me really loud if I have a turn signal on for too long. Doesn’t happen often, except at a particular freeway interchange where the curve is so wide that it never needs the wheel turned far enough to reset the signal when I straighten out.

I bought the vehicle from CarMax, and I suspect that the original owner was a bluehair.

Don’t you look at your dashboard frequently to check your speed? Because there is still the flashing light on the instrument panel.

Nah. I just go as fast as I can all the time. (not really)

I have a center speedo on the Toyota, so the right signal indicator’s way over above the passenger’s left knee. It’s more easily missed in the daytime than at night. When I miss it I’m usually in traffic where it’s best to keep one’s eyes on the road.

I went out and checked my other two rides- a Grand Marquis and an '09 Ranger. I can hear their turn signals. Guess I’m just bitching about the Toyota.

I would make fun of irresponsible drivers but it can happen to the best of us. Some instrument panels are small and the view can be partially blocked by the steering wheel depending on you height and seat position. The problem can easily happen when you drive an unfamiliar car like a rental. It would obviously be easy to engineer such sounds back in or even put in reminders like moderate electric shocks to your body but most people don’t want additional sounds in their vehicle. Blinkers left on for too long rarely cause accidents directly and there are no laws to have them so out they went.

It’s not the cars, it’s you. Get a hearing aid, old fart.

Second that. I’ve been driving with my dad a few times recently and he’s left his blinker on after changing lanes.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

I’m not sure I agree. I’ve ridden in an older car, then switched to a newer one, and the blinker is definitely quieter. Still audible, but quieter.

The faster the blinker, the quieter it seems to be.

If I leave my blinker on too long, water squirts right in my face from a centre-mounted daisy.

I love my clown car!

2006 Camry - blinker too quiet, entire household agreed (including two kids)
2009 Prius - blinker is fine, not too soft.

So even the same manufacturer will vary the volume between cars.

They make special relays that make a louder click when used for the turn signals. Most auto parts stores should have that one in stock along with the normal relays. And if you poke around the Internet, I think you can find relays that beep at you.