Modest Mouse Appreciation Thread

OK, so about two years ago, on recommendation alone, I bought The Moon & Antarctica and Building Nothing Out Of Something. I listened to them a few times and it never really struck a nerve. I ripped the CD for my MP3 server, and went along about my business of my standard fare. Then sometime last year, “3rd Planet” came on during housework and I was absolutely dumbfounded. I gave The Moon & Antarctica another few listens and I was completely blown away. It just had to soak in a little – the last album that I had which really did that was OK Computer in 1997.

I rushed out and bought many of their others and have been a fan all year. I bought the new one within a week of its release and was not disappointed. Now it has reached a crescendo, and I find myself listening to at least some Modest Mouse every day.

I know what it is, too. I’m not usually a lyrics guy. Bands which are inunderstandable are fine with me, so long as the music is good (Sigur Ros, Stereolab, I can’t understand a word out of Bjork’s or Thom Yorke’s mouth). But Isaac Brock just has mezmerized me with his words. “You wasted life/why would you waste death?” “The universe is shaped exactly like the earth/if you go straight long enough you end up where you were” “The universe works on a math equation/that never even ever really works out in the end” etc. I read an article about him in Rolling Stone last month and he sounds (unfortunately) like the self-destructive, too-introspective, too-sensitive type who will only come to a young end badly. But he is milking that agony for all its worth, and its working for him.

This doesn’t take away from their music. They have really got the whole jangly guitar/pounding drum/noise thing down and it really works well with a song. They also have used scratching and recently horn arrangements to augment their noise, which is not a usual direction for the indie band.

I’m quite upset that their summer tour is so short. My only time to see them will be if I go to the Austin City Limits festival in September, and that requires leaving a five-month old alone with my wife for a weekend (she has no interest in going this year – she went last year mostly for Beth Orton who was great – especially for a three day festival in blistering Austin).

Any other fans here?

I suppose I don’t have much to add. I feel like the music speaks for itself, and there’s nothing I can say to truly express what it’s like. However, I thought he was saying “You wasted life, why wouldn’t you waste death?” Is it just me?

I also appreciate them, I love the new album. I wish I could’ve seen them live when they came to Toronto but the concert sold out in no time flat. Oh well, maybe they’ll come back again soon.

And the line is “You wasted life, why wouldn’t you waste death?”


Warning: Pop-Ups.

A couple of months ago I was reading an interview with David Cross and he mentioned Modest Mouse so I went to Amazon and listened to the little preview clips and I wound up buying Lonesome Crowded West to start. I guess it’s been a while since I really took any trouble to find anything new to listen to and it’s been years since I had any friends I could count on to introduce me to a new band. So even thought the CD is 7 years old or something, it’s new to me. Anyway I started to listen to it constantly and I haven’t felt this way about a band since I was a teenager.

A few weeks ago I got Good News and I was SHOCKED when I realized Float On is the same band because my alarm-clock morning radio plays Float On all the time. I like it but I just hadn’t put it together that that was Modest Mouse. I like Good News a lot but so far I’m still busy with Lonesome Crowded West. It’s very nice having a favourite CD and knowing there are more on deck.

I enjoy listening to the new album very much, but to me it just feels… eh. Like they’re trying to hard. Maybe it is all the woodwinds and horns. Nothing will beat “Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine” from The Lonesome Crowded West. That album rocks.

MM is a great band, and they deserve much applause. Total fan here for years.

They were just on Letterman

Having read some friendly reviews, I bought Good News for People Who Like Titles Like This yesterday. I’ve listened to it once (well, most of it; when I woke up, it was over.) I’ll give a couple more listens to see if I can find a reason to like it.

I have to give them props for one thing, though. How many bands name themselves after Modest Mussorgsky? :rolleyes:

I’ve been a Modest Mouse fan for years, but still haven’t ventured out to buy their new album yet. I saw them play last month and I was a bit disapointed their set was almost entirely songs from their new album :frowning:

Personal MM faves:
-Heart Cooks Brain “my brain’s the burger, and my heart’s the coal/ in this life that we call home, the years go fast and the days go so slow”
-Life Like Weeds “And in the faces you meet, you’ll see the place where you’ll die/ And where you die, you’ll see the people you’ve met”

:confused: If they’re touring behind a new album, then why wouldn’t their set be mostly songs from the new album?

As for myself, I gotta confess that I have, like, zero indie cred when it comes to Modest Mouse. I started hearing them on the radio back when I think they were still in high school, but it took me years to decide that I liked them. A friend of mine, on the other hand, first saw them perform at a house concert in someone’s basement. It’s a little weird seeing the level of exposure they have nowadays.