I used my DVR to record Modigliani and got around to watching it today. Why did the Dope not tell me of this wonderful, heartbreaking movie. It’s been hours, and if I think about it to much I still find myself in tears. That was one sad story.

Dammit, I expect the Doper to keep me informed about movies this wonderful. I know things like “The Dark Knight” are making tons of money, but Holy crap, this movie should have made twice what the Batman movie will eventually earn. Andy Garcia should always be remembered for this role.

So, in your oppinions, why don’t movies like this get more recognition?

I love this movie, too!
My favorite part is when Picasso takes him to meet Renior and says, “Come and meet God”. Then on the way home the two artists exchange hats, and Picasso says, “I am Modigliani, and I am a stupid Italian FUCK!” Loves it!

I also liked how adult Modig had himself as a child as his conscience. There were things about that that I didn’t get until the second viewing, like when he was comforting his mother during his own birth.

Picasso screwed Modigliani over, but I have my doubts as to whether the bit about him having Modigliani’s name on his lips upon his death is really true.

Kooky, tragic, and intense, this movie is just my thing! As for why these kinds of flicks never make any money, well they are far too cerebral and most people just don’t get it. They don’t make them to make money, they make them because they are good stories that make us feel and think deeply…something that a large number of people just don’t want to do.