Moire pattern on DVD

I just bought the super amazing DVD player and hooked it up to my super amazing TV.

I put in my new Fight Club DVD, and the screen has all these swirling lines, like a Moire pattern. (No it’s not part of the movie.) Then I put in Life of Brian and I get the same thing.

Why? Has anyone else seen this type of problem?

I’m just guessing, but did you move the TV or move around stereo components when you added the DVD player?

I didn’t move the TV.

To plug in the DVD player I had to pull out the stereo shelf to reach in behind and then I slid it back in place.

What do you think may be causing the problem?

Just a WAG, but it maybe either unshielded cables or unshielded speakers close to the TV.

I don’t know anything about hooking up anything… but when Boy27 hooked up our DVD, he somehow had something going through the VCR… And that won’t jive, because the DVD thinks it’s being taped, so it gets all dark and swirly. Changed the connection around, and it was happy again.

Two possible causes:

  1. Your TV can’t get a sync. lock on your DVD signal; this can happen with defective merchandise, but by any chance is one appliance European and the other Japanese?

  2. Is the DVD player connected directly to the TV? If not, try that.

Poor quality cables will do that. How is your video cable connected to the television? Optical or RCA? Splurge on high dollar stuff. That will prob fix it.


what girl27 is describing is called MacroVision, and is an anti-piracy thingy. It appears as the picture getting alternately dim and bright again, but could only be considered a moire pattern on a large scale.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

The cheap cable problem seems to be the most likely option. I used the un-super-amazing cable that came with the player. The guy sold me the super amazing cables but I left them in my friend’s car, but I’ll get them tomorrow.