Molecular biology grad school rankings?

OK, this might be a wee bit of a specialized thread, but I need some help.

After a few years’ pause, I’m feeling ready to go back to school and get my PhD in molecular biology. As a start, I paid for the US News and World Report grad school rankings in molecular biology and got a whole whopping 15 schools ranked. $15 well spent there.

Anyone know of a more comprehensive ranking out there? Any other advice from people who have been in my shoes before?

Well, I haven’t been in your shoes before but maybe I can help.

I would think the choice of a program would depend heavily on things like subject areas you are interested in pursuing and possibly even particular faculty members with good reputations (meaning a lot of publications) in those fields. I’m guessing you have at least some idea of an area you might like to concentrate in, yes?

I think in general you are not going to get the type of detailed ranking of molecular biology graduate programs that you get with, say business schools or law schools. For starters way fewer people go that route, and the results are harder to quantify.

I should clarify that I sort of have been in your shoes in the sense that at one point in my life I WAS considering a graduate degree in molecular biology but in the end I decided against it.

I’m looking into starting a Masters program in molecular bio in the next couple of years, and I’ve been given similar advice. It’s not necessarily about the school’s reputation, but about the person you’ll be working with. If he has a good reputation and is well-respected in the field, then your research will mean more to the people in that field who may hire you later. Read through publications in your field of interest, and make a list of the researchers you might be interested in working with. Maybe even get in touch with current PhD students in those labs, and see how they like it there.

Good luck!

This is the one that I used when deciding on a cell and molecular bio graduate program back in '97…it’s a little dated now, but I found it very useful. I’d check out out your local big bookstore chain, too, for more info.

Yes, that’s good advice about finding a field of interest and researching the people in it - I plan to do that. I’d like to see some rankings, but I don’t intend to make them the only factor in my decision.

Thanks for the link, MaceMan