"Mom Test", if Mother tells son he is handsome, he is not?

Word on the street is that There is a “Mom test”, if you (a son) is told by your mother that you are handsome, you are not.


You think your mom is lying to you?..

Consider the alternative case: are there moms that don’t compliment their son’s appearance?

Seems to me that whether or not a mom says her son in handsome is irrelevant since every mother does that regardless of actual attractiveness.

Are you sure this isn’t just about Teenage Punks ™, and their fashion choices?

If you’re a Teenage Punk, there is, indeed, an inverse correlation between your mother’s approval of your choices in wardrobe, hairstyle, facial jewellery, etc, and the objective excellence of those choices.

I believe that the rule is if you have two parents, one of them will always lie to you and one will always tell you the truth, and you are allowed to ask only one of them only one question to determine which is which.

Blue or red pill, you choose.

What do moms say to their attractive sons? “You’re ugly as a pig’s asshole”?

Well, that’s what my mother says to me.

You think your mom is lying to ME?!

False. Both of my sons are handsome young men. One is almost 21 and the other (my step-son) is 24. They are fit, witty, smart and good looking.

If they weren’t easy on the eyes (to me), I can’t imagine that it’s something that I would bring up. There’s plenty about them aside from physical appearance that make them likeable.

I am trying to think of a situation where I would think my sons are not handsome. I mean, they are all pretty good looking. I think they would all look better if [something different for each] but it’s not my business. But…I recall emphasizing to all of them that looks weren’t everything or even really much of anything. I hope they didn’t infer from this thAt I thought they weren’t cute.

Moms can’t really be objective about this, I don’t think. Therefore, if a mother tells her son he is handsome, all he can conclude is that she thinks so, but maybe not everyone would agree.

A mom’s judgement about a son’s looks is always going to be biased. It doesn’t mean you ARE handsome, but it also doesn’t mean you aren’t.

This happened when I was in cub scouts, probably when I was 9 or 10 years old.

My father was active to a degree, taking my den on a couple of weekend camping trips. My mother had met them all, but wasn’t actively involved. So my father was telling a story about one of my fellow den members, and my mother was trying to figure out which one of the boys she had met he was talking about. At some point she got it, and she said “Oh, the good looking one.”

She was right, of course, but up to that point I had never thought about my own looks in comparison with any of my friends. After hearing those 5 words, which for some reason had a huge effect on me, I concluded that I was, at best, plain or average, unmemorable. She never realized the effect of those words, and as far as I can remember she never told me I was handsome or anything like that. Funny thing is, I look a lot like my father.

In some cases it’s possible that Mandy Rice-Davies Applies.

Hey! My son is extremely handsome, and I tell him all the time. Other people who are unrelated to me tell me he is handsome al well, so I really think that he is objectively good-looking.

If your mother’s hot friend tells you you’re handsome, she telling the truth.

I learned this on The Discovery Channel or Pornhub. Can’t remember which.

This fall in the category of the fat girl with the pretty face. After considering all the metrics, the compliment narrows down to the last man standing.

My Mother told me I was Adonis reborn as did both my grandmothers.
Who am I to dispute the verdict of those fine ladies? :smiley:

My mom would walk several paces behind me so that she could watch women get whiplash by whipping their heads around to check me out as they passed.

That depends - is she saying it with her tongue in your ear?