Moments when you've impressed yourself

I don’t think so. I’m impressed, and you deserve to be too, I think!

I’m proud of myself for making it to transitional labor unmedicated, with a stuck, face-up baby. PS: the epidural was awesome when it finally came.

And now I know what it feels like to be drawn and quartered. The drawn part, anyway.

I love that feeling.

I vacation on Martha’s Vineyard every summer, but I’ve only been doing that since 2000. I used to get so turned around there, forgetting what was where. Then one year we had just arrived, and GF was at the car rental place. A couple of girls walked up to me and asked where a particular cafe was. I was able to give them really good directions. I felt like such a native!

Back in high school, I was in band playing the crash cymbals during the 1812 Overture. At one point in the middle of the song where things get loud and intense, I crashed the cymbals really hard and then looked up and saw one of them spinning about 10 feet in the air. I had some half formed thought about not wanting to look like a jackass in the middle of class when it crashed to the ground and I was standing there with an empty cymbal thong, so I reached out and grabbed it as it came down, caught it in my hand, and ended up squatting down holding it about a foot off the ground. I looked over at my friend who was playing snare and he was staring back with his jaw dropped open.

I’d had an instrument rating which lets me fly in the clouds for about 3 years, but had never really used it for anything more than punching through clouds going up or down. Then one day I took off and entered the clouds a minute after takeoff. For the next 3 hours I flew in the middle of the clouds in my little plane unable to see more than a foot outside in any direction. Finally when I reached my destination I broke out of the clouds 400’ above the ground lined up dead straight with the runway. That’s what they teach you to do, and that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I still said out loud, “That may be the coolest f’in thing I’ve done as a human.”

Another contender has to do with the fact that I wrote code that’s in a large percentage of a common consumer electronics item. One day due to a bug in my code tens of millions of them crashed all at once. Luckily I did a good job at writing the recovery code so 99.9% of the owners never noticed and an even better job at the background patching code so it never happened again. I just get a kick out of the fact that I caused a tiny bit of havoc in millions of homes around the country.

I was being driven to the airport when I said “ooh you’ve got a flat tyre, back passenger side. I think” my ‘chauffeur’ ignored me - after all what would I a mere female who [at the time] couldn’t drive, know about flat tyres? A few minutes later he had to pull over. And whadaya know the back passenger side tyre was flat. Not only that, but I also knew how to change the tyre and he didn’t. He couldn’t even find the spare tyre…

He hates me now.


Unmedicated childbirth? Check. (One unattended, even. The now-11-year-old didn’t give much warning.)@

Being barfed/peed/shat upon? Yup.

Last week, though, I impressed myself. Acrobatic nudist 2-year-old was waving her bare bottom around, doing a headstand. After getting a diaper on her, I thought to myself that there should be a merit badge for dressing a toddler mid-headstand!

I used to have really fast reflexes.

Once at a restaurant, the people at the table next to me knocked over the bottle of water on their table (why restaurants sometimes put unopened bottles of water at every table is beyond me and another story). Anyway, somehow I managed to react and catch the bottle before it hit the ground. Everyone in the vicinity was quite impressed.

Every minute of every goddamn day. It’s amazing being me.

I once threw a Ton-80 while holding a baby.

A few years back, near the end of class one of my students lobbed a tennis ball at me while I was discussing the upcoming test. I caught it one-handed without even seeing it, pure reflex. Understand I’m non-athletic to a mythic degree; if I had seen the ball there’s no way I would have caught it.

Got a round of applause for that one.

With great moustache comes great responsibility.

In the past few weeks, there have been some coding things that I got right on the first go. This never happens to me. I always screw up on the first try, then hammer it out. I must be learning something.

HAHHAHAH…you’d have one fried moustache.

I was 3 years old and stuck 1 bean up each nostril. Heck I was impressed. The ER staff…not so much.

You’ve got to slap that quote on a poster with a picture of Ron Swanson.

Memorized the 25-digit license code for Microsoft Windows :slight_smile:

A couple months ago I sang Kesha’s “TiK ToK” on karaoke in front of a bunch of strangers with only one Jack Daniels in my system. I even could have done it sober, but that would have gone against the spirit of the song.

The first tijme a doctor asked me how I wanted to treat a patient’s wound I got a little puffed up over myself.

The first time time I acessed a Portacath all-by-myself-alone, I was a little impressed with myself. I was also sweating bullets.

The first time I wrote an order in a patient’s chart, I was impressed with myself.

I once calculated the number of square feet in an acre, given the number of feet in a mile and the number of acres in a square mile. In my head.


More amazed that someone found my work impressing than impressed with myself…

My college, like many other Spanish colleges, has a “students coop” consisting of the 3rd-year students. One of the things the coop does is sell books: if the college has a bookstore, then “real” books will be sold there, but if there is no bookstore the coop sells both “real” and self-published books. A common source for self-published books is The Best Student Notes Ever Written, for any subject taught at the college. There’s also collections of old tests, notes from the professors, etc.

There were (I’ve been told still is, in one case) a couple of subjects for which the self-published book did not consist of a single student’s books: they had both God Jr’s and mine. God Jr’s because his are the most complete classnotes ever, written in an amazingly clear hand; mine, because they’re the Cliff’s Notes of the Cliff’s Notes. My part provides the tl;dr version, while his part provides the Sesame Street one.

Considering how many times my teachers had told me I needed to “write more”, I was completely stunned when the coop asked for my notes, and stayed stunned any time someone told me they’re great.
(The God Jr name is both a play on his actual name and because dude was the best student in my college ever.)