Moments when you've impressed yourself

So our daughter is a toddler now and I’ve been thrown up on and caught throwup in my hands and had to strip and shower multiple times in one evening because I’d been thrown up on multiple times in one evening. I guess I’ve got the badass mom thing going. But I didn’t really impress myself until…

This morning while cooking our fancy Sunday breakfast, I realized that I was flipping the cooking bacon with my bare fingers.

Wait, WHAT? My grandma could do that. Am I as badass as my grandma?

Tell me about your moments.

One of my favorite teaching memories was of my AP Euro class a few years ago. We were doing a review sessions a few days before the test and a student asked what kind of question they could expect if Renaissance Art was the subject. I thought about it for a few seconds, then threw out “Examine the impact of humanism on Renaissance Art. Specifically reference at least two artists and two works.”

3 days later they took the test. I had gotten that question word for word.

They regarded me with a little bit of awe after that. :smiley:

I finished my first half marathon today in 2:16. Not an earth-shattering time, but I’m pretty happy with it, for my first go.

I passed my brown belt test yesterday, for karate(Hawaiian kempo). Amongst other things I broke several boards(white pine isn’t all THAT hard) and a patio tile brick. Did the latter with my foot, the former with handstrikes.

A while a ago I’d left my lights on and came back to find my car battery empty. I managed to find a guy with the cables to jump start the car. He had a moustache and everything, but he didn’t know how to do it. And I did :slight_smile:

Nice work! On a related note - I ran the London Marathon yesterday in 4:29:37 (also first time, and pretty happy with it - though might have done it quicker if not for the race being so packed. But going in I’d said I’d be happy to make 4-4:30)

Hardest part turned out to be trying to get up to any sort of steady pace and maintain it - the track was so crowded for nearly the whole way that I had to spend most of my time stopping and starting or weaving around people just to get anywhere.

That’s impressive since it’s a well-known fact that only guys with moustaches can jump start cars :smiley:

I did my laundry yesterday. Two loads!

When I got down into the laundry room, I saw that all of the washers were already in use. Two of them were finished, but still had clothes in them. I took the wet clothes out of one and put them on the table. I put my clothes in, put in some detergent, and stuck my card in to pay for the wash.

Then I saw the wet clothes I had removed. And I saw and empty dryer. Hmm… Why not? Might as well do a favor for some random neighbor.

About half an hour later I got “caught” in my good deed. He couldn’t believe that someone would do something like that. He insisted on paying me back. I tried to refuse but he was so insistent that I eventually took his money. I wish I hadn’t.

You’re a good guy TDN.

I made a new york style cheesecake once that came out so perfect, it took my breath away. It was beautiful and so delicious. Everyone I shared it with thought I’d bought it.

Gee tdn, you have good luck. If I tried something like that I’d end up with an angry woman telling me I’d ruined her clothes.

Also–it’s not that only guys with moustaches can jump cars, but that to earn the moustache you have to know how to jump a car.

They were men’s clothes and nothing looked delicate, but I put them on delicate heat. I was pretty sure nothing would get ruined!

My fiance’s mom had surgery on her ankle, so I wanted to make her a bunch of food for the freezer to hopefully help her keep her diabetes under control (with or without her help!) while she recovers. (I had a thread asking for ideas, which were much appreciated.) I spent all Saturday in the kitchen and yesterday we loaded up two coolers and took a bit short of a month’s worth of dinners up there yesterday, all neatly labeled with instructions and such.

I just sort of realized today that that’s the sort of thing I just assumed grownups did when I was a kid, and that I’d never grow up so much as to be so organized and charitable and thoughtful and shit. Well, go me!

Also I hope I get in the will.

Good for you! Since my father’s return from the hospital, neighbors have been keeping my parents fed, and they really appreciate it.

I’ve been working at the same job now for six years, but when I started, it was a different type of organization than I had worked at before. I spent the first month feeling like a complete idiot, asking a million questions every day. After a few months, one day, someone asked ME a question, and I was able to not only answer the question like I actually knew what I was talking about, I was able to pull out the backup paperwork in less than a minute. I was competent! :slight_smile:

I did something similar when I was in college.

A friend of mine was taking a Modern European History course with me, but had been blowing it off. He asked me a few days before the exam which books would likely be on it (he hadn’t read anything).

I thought and mentioned The Origins of the Second World War by A.J.P. Taylor. I also pointed out that it was short – under 300 pages – so he could read it before the exam.

When I took the exam, it was there and was worth a major number of points in it.

Of course, my friend didn’t bother to read the book.

A couple weeks ago, I cleaned my room from top to bottom and got rid of a ton of crap that hadn’t been unpacked for years–some clothes, some trinkets, and even some spare dryer sheets that had never been used. It’s much nicer living in a pretty, clean room than it was when I had crap I didn’t need crammed into the closet and under the bed.

(I’m not a hoarder, I’m just very lazy!)

Few days after release from hospital, feeling like death, answer the door and get into a very ‘Grrr’ encounter with a douchebag. (Details somewhat boring!)

As my heart raced and I thought I might surely have a heart attack, right on the spot, I shut my mouth, smiled sweetly, took the paper, said ‘Bye’, and returned to my couch with my heart pounding in my ears. Where I lay, for almost an hour, listening to my heart pound, unsure I’d rise again.

In the end everything settled down, my heart slowed, I stopped feeling like death, it passed.

I was somewhat impressed with my ability to step away and realize, this is not worth it, no matter what - return to couch!, and then to do so. Yay me! (Also, stopped answering door!)

(And yes, I’m feeling much better today, thank you.)

I know, right? Distinct lack of moustache, and yet I jump started the car. Also, and I should’ve mention this as it relates to the OP, I knew how to do it because not too long before I saw my Granny do it. To be fair, she does have a teeny tiny bit of moustache…

Where else would you attach the ground cable?

I can swim a quarter of a mile now – again – just like I could when I was half my current age. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t look like it.

It’s kind of sad, I suppose, that I am impressed with myself for having two completely unmedicated childbirths, using the original Lamaze method.