Monday blue dead dead dead dead stop already

First last Tuesday somebody died that has been hanging in for over two months in the hospital. There was much family with family interaction when I was a kid. They always used their influence to help me when they could.

Next on Thursday I went to Walmart in the late afternoon and there was a vehicle being put on a flatbed during a snow storm with a tarp over the drivers window. I had a feeling that maybe someone had died as the window had been broken out and there wasn’t any other damage. I mentioned to ma to watch the news for a death at Walmart. The next day the paper says the person died halfway parked in the handicap spot with the vehicle in gear and the brake depressed. Saturday I find out it’s somebody else I know that wasn’t living around here anymore.

Less than a half a year ago another person died that I’d known since a I was a small kid. We’ve been dealing with that estate since then.

Around half a year ago the son of the person that died on Thursday had died. We did a lot together as kids traversing the city every summer on bikes collecting tadpoles and caterpillars to raise to adult form.

These people weren’t involved in my life that much anymore, but this is depressing me. I’m getting death paranoid where I wonder how long every person I think of has left to live.