"Mondegreens" where the singer really IS singing that

The title of the Beach Boys song is “Barbara Ann”, but they are totally actually singing “bop-a-ran”.

Yes, I saw that as well. I’m still convinced that Paul wrote, and sings, “await.” Dekker’s poem was also addressed to “pretty wantons,” so it’s not the only improvement Paul made over the original.

I’ve definitely always heard a ‘ch’ sound. For me the word sounds like “chad” or “ched”, and I’ve always wondered what it meant.

Huh. Interesting. I really can’t get my brain/ear to hear it that way. Maybe another one of these “yancy”/“laurel” audio ambiguities.

Mick Jagger stared into the camera and sang “…let’s spend some time together…” on TV while rolling his eyes on Ed Sullivan–apparently to appease the censors.

Later, Jim Morrison faced a similar situation, but chose to sing exactly what he was told not to…"…we couldn’t get much higher", and I think he got banned from the show for it.

I always hear ‘child’.
Probably wrong. Jackson liked adding ‘ch’ phonemes into his songs- ‘chamone’ for instance.

Yeah, but that one, to me, clearly sounds like “shamone” or possibly “chamone.” I don’t hear a “ch” phoneme at all in any of the "kid"s in Billy Jean, so far as I can tell.

I never sing Benny & the Jets right, I swear Elton says she has electiric boobs…

I just recently read that Lady Gaga is actually saying “fuck her face” and not “Poker face” in the Pa-pa-pa poker face part. Who knew?

In The Beatles “Girl” the little rhythm underneath lyrics in the bridge is “tit tit tit tit tit tit” on purpose, a giggling Lennon/McCartney have confirmed.

When I was young, the joke was: “who’s your favorite barber? Barber Ann!”

Despite what lyrics sites tell me, I am convinced that the first line Bob Marley sings in Redemption Song is “Old pirate’s just a rabbi.”

I went to high school with a guy named Bob Moran. We all sang the song using his name.

I never hear “electric boots” in Benny and the Jets

I always sing “she’s got electric boobs…” :smile:

I hear this exactly as you do and not all like pulykamell does. The “Ch” sound is overwhelming, and I make out not even a hint of a “k”. Maybe another “yanni / laurel” thing?

In general I never fully pay attention to MJ lyrics so I always heard “Jed is not my son” and I assumed that somewhere earlier in the song that the kid’s name must have been mentioned.

I always hear “child” - it might be that my brain hears the CH and fills in something that makes sense, but it definitely doesn’t sound like kid" to me.

A lot sites have the line from Cream’s Sunshine of Your Love as: “I’ll stay with you till my seas are dried up”. I’ve always heard seeds and Jack often emphasizes “seeds” while singing.

In Kpop, there’s a debate about whether Jennie from BlackPink is singing bitch in English or bichi (shining) in Korean in her solo debut song Solo. Officially, the line is “Bichi naneun solo”, “I’m shining solo” which makes sense in Korean, but the way she says bichi sounds a lot like bitch in English. https://youtu.be/b73BI9eUkjM?t=53

She cleared it up, or did she in a live performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXy8YPMTUZ4

Her smile after is priceless!

BTW, she was born in Korea, but spent five years in Australia at a young age, so she speaks perfect English with a slight Australian accent.

New Zealand.