Mondo Moderators

My purpose for posting this is twofold:

  1. It’s a test post. Basically, I really wanted to post a :wally, but I didn’t want him to hurt any credibility I might have on the GQ board.

  2. I wanted to ask about those marvellous moderating creatures. You guys are always on the ball, apparently active 24/7, fast, fair, firm, and effective. Have I just not been around long enough to see you screw up? How many mods are there? Are you all unpaid volunteers working long, unappreciated hours without a word of thanks and thinking evil thoughts about Cecil and Ed, who are profiting madly from advertising revenues and Chicago Reader subscriptions, and living the high life because of your hard work, the selfish bastards?

Thanks for making it a really good board, anyway. Please don’t hesitate to delete this thread if you don’t feel like answering; it’s no big.

There are no actual human Moderators. A couple are cyborgs controlled by the Illuminati, the Roman Catholic Church and the Northern Alliance. TubaDiva is either an angel or bhoddisatva, or possibly both. UncleBeer is a sockpuppet of spooje or SPOOFE, I forget which. Lynn and Jill are also higher sentient lifeforms when they aren’t doubling as bikini models.

And for putting up with all of this all they get is a lousy mug.


[sub]Ok, IRL they are real people that have great patience as long as you don’t push them to far. They are a truly wonderful lot and often demonstrate a delicious sense of humour. Just don’t tell 'em I told you[/sub]

There has got to be a rule about this much sucking up to moderators in a thread.

Dammit, can’t you people get it right? I’m the original! Unclebeer is the sockpuppet (as is SuaSponte). Spooje isn’t so much a sock as he’s one of my alternate personalities.

Jeez, I have more trouble clarifying that than the mods have of distinguishing the Nazis from the commies from the fascists…

I thought there was a sufficient amount, considering there was only two posts at the time.

I think it entirely depends on the type of sucking[sub]up[/sub] you’re doing.

Not true!
It’s actually a pretty nice mug.

I’m sure that Jenny has a very nice mug. I don’t know about the rest of you.

You call this sucking up?!?

Too much “sucking” and not enough “up”, IMHO. :slight_smile:

Hey!! Weren’t you supposed to give that back with your Mod bowler and umbrella when you got your life back?