money found

Whats the most money you’ve ever found?Last month,I was crossing the street,and found a 20 and a 10! :smiley:

A twenty on the floor of a liquor store. I got my foot on that baby right quick, let me tell you, and had a free magnum of Gordon’s Gin out of it.


Assume it takes 3 seconds to spot money, bend over and pick it up.
If you earn $41,600 a year, that’s equivalent to $0.02 a second, so some coins aren’t worth stopping for!

$20 in the bottom of the underware sale bin at a department store.

Eleven thousand, four hundred and fifty-three dollars, in a pouch on a bus.

Turned out to be the payoff amount for someone’s mortgage.

Gave it back. Got paid by the look on the husband and wife who’d busted their guts to earn it. Didn’t leave my name.

They called a local television station, and I saw myself referred to as an anonymous ‘Guardian angel’.

Yup. I’m a sap, alright . . .

DIF, you are truly a saint. I’m impressed with your virtue.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

On the other side of the coin, if someone found your money, what percent reward would you give them?

for example, recently on the US news, two kids found 23,000 US bucks & the guy gave them each $300.00. At least they also got a lot of tv attention.

Im sure I would have given them like $2000 each perhaps as savings bonds.

Yeah, well, don’t be too impressed, Uncle – if I had a dollar for every time I’ve kicked myself for turning the money in and not at least taking credit for it, I wouldn’t need the money. I was out of work at the time, in the midst of what was later diagnosed as a ‘nervous breakdown’, spending most of my time sitting in my living room in my grungy underwear, shades drawn, smoking dope ($15-20/oz – man, those were the daze!) and mindwiping on television.

I’ve never found anything bigger than a $5 bill, but my sister found a $100 bill stuffed underneath the front seat of a car that she had just bought from an elderly lady that day. After debating about it for a day or so, she ended up returning it to the lady. My sister had just spent all of her money to buy the car and had nothing left for the rest of the week, but she said she would have felt too guilty if she had kept it.


I have gone both ways on this one. If I knew where the money came from, I’d try to give it back. I once found 3 $20 bills all wadded up on the floor in the sock department at Wal-Mart. I figured if I turned it in, the customer service folks would just divvy it up. On the other hand, a guy in front of me in the drive-thru at the bank left his envelope of cash in the little plastice cylinder, and I chased him down to give it back.
I few months ago when I was in the process of opening a new checking account, I went to the grocery store to get a money order for my car payment and to buy a few things. My money order fell of my wallet and I didn’t discover it until the next morning when I was trying to mail it. In desperation, I called the store - sure enough, a manager had found it and was holding it for me. I was IN SHOCK, actually in tears. I called everyone I could think of to report this woman’s kindness, and cried ike a fiend when I went in to pick it up.

My dad and I once found a $50 bill in the road, buried under 3 inches of dirt or so while doing yardwork… It had holes in it and was about 20 years old, yet the bank still took it and gave us a fresh $50.

I find about $40-60 per year. Mostly cause I do yard cleaning & Im always looking at the ground when Im anywhere, so I find stuff.

I found a few wallets with no ID. Gave the money in those to my friend cause it spooks me. Those with names, I return.

Might add that if a person doesn’t think that it’s important to put their name in their wallet then whats in the wallet must not be all that important, eh?

Found $20 once on the floor in a hallway in high school. Other than that, I haven’t found any paper money.

I found $10 in a pair of shorts I hadn’t worn in about a year.
I kept it.

Once, back in junior high, I found $10 in class a couple weeks before the end of the year. Turned it in to the teacher, who said I could have it if no one claimed it before school let out for the summer. So…on the last day of school, I was $10 richer.

This doesn’t exactly count as finding money - my very first real job out of college and my first paycheck: I knew I was making 18K a year gross, but I wasn’t sure what the net was going to be & this paycheck was going to be for one week only, so half of what I would normally get. I was trying to figure out what sort of rent I could afford & something seemed a little weird so I compared my check to a friend’s. His comment was “Wow, you paid more in taxes that I made”

They had paid me one weeks pay at 180,000 a year. And I gave it back!

I found $85.00 in the hallway of a barracks in San Diego. 3 days before payday, too. The money was wadded up as if it had fallen out of a pocket. I kept it, figuring that:
A) If I turned it in to the duty desk, they would just keep it.

  • and -
    B) Since I was making around $200 or $250 every two weeks, only Rich People (IE. officers) could possibly have 80 bucks left 3 days before payday, and be so careless with it, too! Hell, I needed the money worse than some damned zero did!

Yeah, I know I was shitty of me… If there had been a name or something, I’d have given it back. I’ve also found a wallet with $50 and a bank envelope with several hundred dollars inside. Both of these had ID and I returned both.


Full of 'satiable curtiosity

When I worked in a hospital pharmacy, they had pulled an old pharmacist off “real” duty and had him doing busy work until he retired- one of his jobs was adding up hours and turning it into payroll. He consistantly overpaid me (and others). No one told administration because we didn’t want him to get fired. All in all, I got overpaid about $600.00 over the years. I put it in an account for two years after I left in case they ever called. Then I spent it.
One day about 6 months later I got a call from the hospital payroll dept. I was totally sure I was busted and freaked out. Turned out I never cashed a vacation check I had recieved at some point so they re-issued it to me. What a great job!!!

Run for the hills, folks! Or you’ll be up to your armpits in martians!

One day a guy found a 1889 silver dollar here & put a hand written message in his yard that sort of said ‘thank you thank you pray pray for giving me this 1889 silver dollar.’

Took it down a week later, cause the cops told him to turn it in for 90 days :slight_smile: