"Money Tree" Lottery ticket - What's the scam?

I found an unused “Money Tree” “lottery ticket” on the parking lot the other day and scratched it. Of course, on the second part I got 3 trees and “hit the jackpot”. On the reverse side it says to call 800-905-4874 IMMEDIATELY! Now of course, I’m thinking this is an obvious scam or at the very least, a bad attempt at selling some crap to me. Has anyone else had one of these and called to see what they say? On the front it says “Money Tree” in front of a green tree with the scratch area to the right.

Why dont u just call up yourself?

does the 800 prefix denote a free-to-call number? - if so, I don’t think you’ve got anything to lose, but my money is riding on you being given a second, premium-rate number to call in order to find out what your prize (which will be a plastic photo frame) is.

I just called- no answer.

The mystery deepens…


WELL…I happen to have a GEN-U-INE Illinois Lottery MONEY TREE lottery ticket right in front of me. It has 2 winning numbers and you scratch off 10 spaces - if any of your numbers matches, you get a prize. There is a coin symbol and a pot of gold symbol on the ticket but no tree symbol.

Check the back of your ticket for odds and an address of where to send in winning tickets over a certain amount. There should be SOME indication that this ticket is legit.


Is it a prank lottery ticket? Novelty shops will sell tickets that are guaranteed to “win,” but the back has a “Gotcha!” message.

The woman who answered mentioned Money Tree scratch cards and asked me what city and state I was in. I told her I had the wrong number. I bet it’s some kind of trick to get your address, phone number, etc.

By the way, it’s 1:45 pm in the Eastern US.