Monica tries to teach a guy how to bake!

My boyfriend and I were planning on going to a movie last night, but movie times being uncooperative, he suggested that instead we hang out at his house and bake cookies. Seemed like such a simple, easy suggestion….

So he picked me up at 6:30 and we drove to his house.  That’s when the first problem appeared- in the form of a whiney, annoying, 10-year-old little brother who just WOULD NOT LEAVE US ALONE!  Needless to say, we did NOT find this amusing in the least.

So there we were, in the kitchen, trying to fend off the little monster and find the recipe for the cookies.  Because, of course, he hadn’t gotten the brand of chocolate chips with the recipe on the back like I told him to.  That would have just been way too easy.

Five cooking books written in English and one in Danish later, we determined that we didn’t have a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  So I ventured online into the wonderful world of  And we found a recipe.  Of course he didn’t want to go with a normal, simple recipe…he just HAD to choose an unusual one.  

So then we headed to the kitchen and I decided to assign him some easy tasks to do, things I didn’t think it’s possible to screw up.  I was wrong.  Problem number 2: This guy didn’t know what a measuring cup was!  He didn’t know what a teaspoon was!  He didn’t know where his mother kept the bowls!  He didn’t know where anything else was, either!  HOW CAN A GUY GO SEVENTEEN YEARS WITHOUT KNOWING WHERE ANYTHING IN HIS OWN KITCHEN IS??? :smack:

So then I got about halfway through the recipe (which he had assured me he had ALL of the ingredients for) and problem number 3 rears its ugly head.  I realized that we didn’t have enough pudding mix (that’s right, a chocolate chip cookie recipe calling for vanilla pudding).  :rolleyes:  On top of that, the little monster brother had appeared yet again and was trying to steal what pudding mix we did have.  So I stuck that in my purse to make sure it didn’t get eaten while we were gone and we ran to the store.

When we returned, we then proceeded to finish the cookies, to the background noise of the little monster and the other little brother beating each other up (don’t worry, no one got seriously injured.)  Then we dropped the cookies onto the cookie sheet and stuck them in the oven.  We turned the oven on and set the timer for 10 minutes.

10 minutes later, we returned only to find that the cookies weren’t nearly done. Problem number (what number am I on? 4?): Boyfriend didn’t know how to work his own oven. The thing had turned off. So, we reset the oven and went back to his room to wait.

Problem number 5: We got rather…ahem…distracted. By the time I looked at the clock and said “Oh, wow, we really should get those cookies out of the oven,” they were burnt. So we just decided to leave the rest of the dough and finish the cookies later. Of course, we got rather involved in the “other activities” that we were doing and never did finish those cookies.

So, quick recap and some instructions for any guys planning on baking cookies with their girlfriends:

  1. Remove all younger siblings, especially those whose behavior resembles that of a wild beast, from the immediate vicinity of the kitchen.
  2. Know where everything is in your own kitchen!
  3. Have ALL necessary ingredients together BEFORE she comes over.
  4. Be able to work your own appliances!
  5. Pay attention to what’s in the oven.

We still had A TON of fun, though!

~ monica

  1. Get the cookies that you just have to stick in the oven and they’re done. :smiley: