Monitor for broken Laptop...involved....

I dropped a laptop: HP mini, with Windows 7. Smashed monitor, but can still see some of screen; I want to hook up a new monitor, but, I can’t quite see enough of what is active to enter my password, and transfer screen from laptop to new monitor. So, I would need to intercept the signal from the mini, and put it onto a separate monitor, if that is any clearer.
Can you help?


There should be a key combination to mirror your display to the external display (think of connecting to a projector). Look at your F1-F12 keys for a picture of a monitor and press Fn+that key.

The keyboard may have a symbol on it on the key needed to do that.

Thanks, guys! I got that rascal hooked up! Now, I won’t have to throw it away, which is triply good, because I had a LOT of stuff on it that I hadn’t had backed up! (I know…)

Thanks again,