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I’ve been wearing glasses for reading for 2 years. Looking at monitors sometimes gets tiring, which it never did before glasses. Is there some study on this stuff?Does your vision suffer?Your personal solution? My wife swears by the screen she has in front of her monitor. She has a laptop, which I would use with the built in screen. Are those easier on your eyes. I can’t do this nore than 2 hours at a time as it is.
Books are no problem with the glasses, I can read quite a while.

My progressive bifocals (no line) actually provide a third zone as they progress from my usual prescription to the reading magnification on the bottom. This makes it much easier to spend time in front of any monitor. If you’re at the computer a lot, you might try some even if they just go from plain glass at the top to the reading mag you need.

Some people know a lot more when you tell them something than when you ask them something.

I think using computers is like reading books–the more you do it, the more nearsightedness and eyestrain you get. I don’t know of any official studies, though.

My eye doctor gave me a brochure about ‘dry eyes’ from looking at PCs. People blink less often looking at PCs, so the eyes get dry. you need to take breaks, look away from the PC, and remind yourself to blink more often. Eyedrops are the other solution.

I spend a lotta time on the machine and my bifocals drove me crazy. Last trip to the eye doctor I complained about it. Come to find out, they can make you a set of glasses designed just for computer use. The lens is ground for exactly the distance between your eye and the screen and coated with a special coating that cuts down the glare.

Not only did all my eye strain and headache problems go away immediately, but I found them a big improvement for watching TV (I have one near the computer so it’s almost the same distance) and reading as well.

Best hundred bucks I ever spent. You could probably get them even cheaper at one of the franchise places.

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