Monkey phone call auction has 10 bids already.

This is pretty damn funny. And people are pretty damn strange.

Notice how he words it. Sometime within the given hour he’ll phone you up and scream like a monkey.
For 1 minute.
For $11.
Or the highest bidder.

Let’s see…if he was r-e-a-l slow and only made two calls every 5 minutes it means in that hour he could handle the last 12 bidders of $11 or over.

Hmmm. Who’s the monkey here?

I guess it’s official now, ALL the good money making ideas are now taken.

I’m sorry, but that is dern funny. That guy deserves 20 bucks for the phone call. S’pecially for the entire write up he gave in the auction description. He even gave a pic of a monkey to visualize. That’s just funny.

It’s gone now. Anyone want to explain what it was?