Monsignor Eugene Clark is Cordially Invited to Bite Me

Apr 22, 2002 NEW YORK (AP) As Cardinal Edward Egan headed to the Vatican for a summit on sexual abuse, his stand-in at St. Patrick’s Cathedral gave a homily blaming the scandal on homosexuality and an ‘‘immoral country.’’ Monsignor Eugene Clark, an outspoken clergyman of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, called homosexuality a ‘‘disorder’’ and said gay men should not be allowed to become priests, the Daily News reported in Monday’s editions.

‘‘The tendency to homosexuality is a disorder, not a sin,’’ Clark said in his 15-minute sermon Sunday. ‘‘But the practice of homosexuality is truly sinful.’’ Clark also said the United States is ‘‘probably the most immoral country certainly in the Western Hemisphere’’ and blamed American society for being ‘‘very protective’’ of homosexuality.

In further astonishing news, Catholic League President William Donohoe kisses Clark’s ass:

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I suppose in his eyes this is much worse than being “very protective” of pedophilia?

There was a story on NPR this morning dealing with how the US scandal is being viewed in Europe. The gist of it was that many people feel this is a uniquely US problem, but then the story goes to point out the really sad statistics dealing with European priests.

A link to the audio version of the story is here. Click on the “Church in Europe” headline.

And another thing …

Why do these friggin-fragging-so-and-so’s insist on equating homosexuality with pedophilia? These priests are not just gay priests doing what comes naturally. They are sick fucks in need of treatment and/or punishment.

I heard this on the way to work this morning. What the fuck does homosexuality have to do pedophilia? There you go, way to place the blame right where it belongs. :mad:
It’s kinda like saying my car won’t start because it’s green. Asswipes!
Egan - “Ok Eugene, I have been summoned by the Pope, so you’ll be in charge for a few days. Whatever you do, don’t talk to the press, or discuss the scandal, just lay low and I’ll be back soon.”

Clark - “Gotcha, you can count on me!”

And the Byrds were a lot less good after he left!

Oh this is a different Eugene Clark…:smiley:

(sorry if this seems too flippant for such a serious thread, but man, when I saw that name I just had to make the Gene Clark/Byrds reference! Hope no-one is offended! is an obsessive Byrds fan thing I am afraid…)

Originally used for the lowest caste of Hindu India, the Untouchables, the term has come to mean a group that for one reason or another has become the scapegoat for the Leaders of Good Moral Citizens to blame for all the problems of society. During the 19th Century and the early part of the 20th, it was in fashion to identify the Jews in this role. Blacks somehow fell into the picture towards the end of the Jews’ Broadway run as pariahs. Today, of course, it’s the gays.

Well, ** Eve**, it’s good to see you’re out dating again… :smiley:
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Uh, does this mean that if priests were abusing little girls it would’ve been OK?


Apparently, priests abuse girls in far greater numbers than little boys…

I wonder if heterosexuality is to blame. :rolleyes:

I’m quibbling, and I’m certainly not defending Mondickhead Clark, but the large percentage of uncovered cases do not involve pedophilia, but ephebophilia. And ephebophilia is not a recognized mental disorder. So, psychologically speaking, most of these priests are not “sick fucks”. They are in need of punishment, though.


True enough. But the slogan “Abusive priests - evil, but not that evil” needs work.

My second favorite dumb comment of the weekend from the church hierarchy was made on a Sunday talking heads program by a Cardinal (Wash. D.C.?), who was asked about possible benefits of eliminating mandatory celibacy for priests. One of his cited reasons for maintaining celibacy was that priests would feel free to minister to people with horribly contagious diseases, without fear of infecting their families. Great. So it’s presumably OK then to spew germs all over your parishioners, neighbors, grocery store shoppers etc.
How about wearing a surgical mask, Father?

Since when?

And my gramma’s cousin was reassigned for speaking out against the whole scandal and coverup, for saying we should have married and women priests and for saying “pissed off” during Easter Sunday Mass-which he DID appologize for.

I just read the article in the Daily News. He is trying to deflect the blame. Sickening.

I’m sure the Church will apologize for this scandal. After all, they did apologize for what they did to Galileo. Just give them a few hundred years. :rolleyes:

No wonder it’s taking longer than we thought … some people started fighting on ignorance’s behalf long before 1973.

When this character gets done with your ass, Eve, he can start on mine. I’ll make sure to have a nice, big meal beforehand.

I’m not sure who or what Focal Point is, but the closest I could fing to an online DSM IV-R was here

Ephebophilia is not listed as a disorder on its own. I think that the Focal Point site may be making too broad a statement of psychiatry’s position. Just about any behavior **can ** be a manifestation of a personality disorder. But just looking at one behavior is not enough to meet the criteria.

Clark thinks the problem is the American public being overprotective? Overprotective of whom? The American public have been the ones insisting on holding these child abusers responsible for their actions. It’s the leadership of the Catholic Church that has been protecting them for years. If the United States is as immoral as Calrk claims, maybe it’s because of the failure of those who should be providing moral leadership.

Sacred Heart parish in Pittsburgh, Guin?

“When this character gets done with your ass, Eve, he can start on mine. I’ll make sure to have a nice, big meal beforehand.”

—GOODNESS! I was just going to allow him to bite me once on the wrist . . .