Monsoon Wedding (new on video?)

I had wanted to see this movie when it was out in the theatres, back in early summer, but missed it, so eventually got to see it on video last night. What a wonderful little movie! Granted, it was hard to understand in parts, even with the subtitles–which translated some but not all of the dialogue!–which in turn made it somewhat … less than easy to follow the storyline(s). But once I got the gist of things, I really got into the movie. And this is a movie that the whole family, even small children can see and enjoy. :slight_smile: There is a part of the storyline that touchs on abuse, but it’s handled in a sensitive manner; no nudity and only a few vaguely sexual moments–the most we see are a few sensual kisses! :smiley:

So if you want an entree into the “Bollywood” movies, IMO Monsoon Wedding is a good start.