Monster Garage Minigun

I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and maybe the greatest thing that I ever will see: A Mazda RX7 disassembled by 7.62mm minigun.

So where did the Monster Garage show get a minigun? It was mounted atop a Suburban, and must have been mounted pretty well by the way he was firing it. It seemed real to me, at least I don’t know how else they could have gotten the effect. Fill me in with the legal details. Does someone rent these things? Can I rent one?

You might want to get a “Spoilers” in here somewhere.

There are various places in Nevada where you can rent a lot of different, exotic weapons. The last time we were in Vegas we were looking at different places like that, and I recall a couple of them advertising miniguns. The one that actually listed the price was something like $1 a round for the minigun, which would’ve made Jessie’s rampage cost about $3,000 from my WAG estimate.

We didn’t get to go. It came down to going to that or the Star Trek experience, and the people I was with out voted me. Star Trek was pretty cool too, though.

Anyway, though the minigun turning the car into swiss cheese was cool (I loved the tracers ricocheting off into the desert), I thought declaring the thing a failure was kind of lame. It seems more like someone had a rental for the minigun lined up, and whatever they built that week was going under the gun.

I mean, most of their “races” are blatantly stacked in their favor from the get-go. The machine worked, albiet slower than they wanted, but that’s never stopped them in the past. I mean, had it crapped out midway down the racecourse (firing range) or something, I could’ve seen it, but it was still working fine when they blasted it. They’d already decided it was a failure before even taking it out.

Spoiler warning would have been nice. Oh well.

So the sandrail failed huh? That sucks. I was gonna watch it this weekend.

You could go out and buy a Minigun if you wanted. They are machine guns, and regulated under federal law, but they are not illegal to own in most places. At least, under federal law. I’m sure there’s plenty of state, local, or city ordinances outlawing the things.

In the backs of some gun magazines are ads for blueprints so you can build your own Gatling gun-a primitive, hand-cranked version of the minigun- in .22 rimfire. However, it would be illegal to actually build one of these, as far as I know.

That was a pretty cool paintjob on the RX7. If I was that paint guy I would have been pissed…