Monteverdi's Vespro della beata vergine, SV 206

This piece makes me almost believe in God.


At times the sound wraps you up like a warm bath, gentle and liquid. Then it cascades like a water fall, carrying you with it. Sometimes it’s like a big wave, rushing up and over the edge of a cliff.

“Magnificat!” it cries. And then whispers “anima mea.” “Amen” it laughs joyously.

When I was at St. Mark’s in Venice, I wept imagining this piece sounding in that space.
So here I was, a little bored with a bit of repetitive work, looking for a diversion. I popped this into my computer and put on the headphones. This CD had been in a box for a while after moving into a new house. I just dug it out. I had forgotten what it was like.


(Get the Gardiner version, recorded at St. Mark’s – it’s worth it.)

Oh, yes. My favorite work by one of my favorite composers. We have Andrew Parrott version.

It’s a lot of fun to sing too.