Montreal Cognitive Assessment - I Guess I am Just Not as Smart as the President

Today I looked at the Montreal Cognitive Assessment that president Trump has made famous in the last few days. I am unable to identify the middle animal in the NAMING section. I think it may be a White Rhinocerus (Ceratotherium simum) or a Black Rhinocerus (Diceros bicornis). Can anyone on the SDMB name this animal? If you can, how did you figure it out?

Link to assessment:

I can’t help you there because, though I am a very good drafter, I haven’t the slightest notion what #1 is supposed to accomplish.

Black rhino, aka hook-lipped rhino. The upper lip gives it away.

You’re supposed to figure out the sequence goes 1-A-2-B-3-C-4-D-5-E

1-A 2-B 3-C 4-D.

Yes it’s a Rhino

But what do you get if you cross it with an elephant?


Or a rant.

The upper lip definitely makes it look like a Black Rhinoceros. But the horns and the way it holds its head suggests a White Rhinoceros,

The horns look consistent with a Black Rhino to me. The White Rhino’s front horn is longer relative to the rear one.

In the pictures I looked at today the Black Rhinoceros’s horns looked like there was a greater length to circumference ratio, i.e. they were “pointier”, than those of the White Rhinoceros. But it also looked like there was a great deal of variation between individuals of the same species.

But if I had to guess, I would probably go with Black Rhinoceros as well.

The “white” in “White Rhino” is actually “weit,” or wide to differentiate it from that hook lip on the black rhino, which actually is named for its coloration.

Ynnad, do you really think the test is asking you to differentiate between different types of rhinoceroses? It’s a basic “is your brain malfunctioning” test, not a test of detailed zoological knowledge. Of course you’re able to identify the middle animal.

I assumed he was kidding in terms of that being the intent of the test; but that it’s an interesting question anyway.

Why do you think this post was in MPSIMS and not General Questions?

I was able to tell right away that the animal on the right was a Dromedary Camel.

Male or female?

Male or female?

How dare you assume that camel even identifies with any gender!

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the test. I think the last five questions are really hard. People, lots of people, people who have specific names. They’re always telling me how hard the last few questions are.

I’m going to have “face velvet church daisy red” stuck in my head for the rest of my life. I hope they change up the list of words from time to time, because otherwise I’m going to be real good at gaming this test in 40 years when I really do have Alzheimer’s.