Montreal Dopers, I need some help.

I’m thinking about moving to the city, is there anything I should know about cost of living, the people, city life or such? I really have no idea what life would be like in Montreal so any help would be just great. Thanks guys.

Bagels. I’ll find the name of the place for you, but you will be eating Montreal bagels every morning.

Depends a lot on where you’re coming from.

Income tax is the first blow you’ll be hit with. Expect a 30% increase if you’re moving here from another Canadian province.

If you have children, they will have no choice but to attend French language schools unless you or your spouse attended English language schools in Quebec.

On the plus side, you can buy beer at corner stores and smoke cigarettes in restaurants.

Also, there is a bit of a crunch regarding appartment to rent at the present time (vacancy rate below 1 % IIRC), so if you find something, you might have to pay through the nose.

You’re looking for advice more than straight facts, so I’ll move this thread to the
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Splanky thanks for the Bagel place, I might need a place for cheap food.

ookpik2 I am moving for another province, how is the standard of living in the city? Do things (food, amusement) generally cost more in the city then out in the east coast. BTW I am single with no kids. Yea for cheap beer and smokes!

detop That sounds like it might hurt my plans a bit. Finding a cheap apartment is “high on the list”. I’m thinking about moving around the fall so hopefully things would have died down a bit.

How about the biggest question that comes to my mind, the french thing? Could I get by with english and a half assed knowledge of french? I’m sure I’d pick up the language along the way.

Thanks for all the help, keep it up.

It probably will not have quieted down, unfortunately. It has been like this for the last couple of years, and July 1[sup]st[/sup] is the traditional moving day in Montreal. Of course, it also depends on your definition of cheap ;). As for the “French thing” as you say, you should be fine from what you say.

There is a “traditional moving day” in Montreal? and it’s on Canada day, no less? [weebl]How rare![/weebl]

Bah, I’m sure I can find a closet in the far corner of town that will suit me.

That’s just one of the thousands of little peculiarities about Montreal. Anyhoo, here’s todays list of classified for apartment hunting