Monty Python 50th Anniversary marathon

BBC America is having a Monty Python 50th Anniversary marathon on Sunday, 29 September.

I have my boxset DVDs ready to go!

Yep. I’m old.

Mine too. But I can’t find anything since my wife banished my DVD bookcases.

Mine are in the library. Far wall. All the way to the left, by the closet door. Top shelf.

I think it’s been 3 years now since I last binged thru them all.

The first episode of MPFC aired Oct. 5, 1969.

This factoid was brought to you by Stun-a-Stoat, Ltd.

(And Abbey Road was released Sept. 26.)

The episodes are all on Netflix! :slight_smile: I do have the DVD boxed set too, though. I remember when I bought them I was in the middle of a big work project where I was working 24/7 so I hauled a laptop into the office and put it next to my monitor and watched the show in its entirety when working on, I think, a cheese and wine basket website.

My library system has almost every dvd. I finished rewatching the series about a month ago. Also watched: Life of Brian, Parrot Sketch Not Included, Live at Aspen, Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Life of Python (1999 special), “Lost” Python Mayday Sketches (1971). I left “And Now for Something Completely Different” and Holy Grail for last.

sigh Mrs. L.A. is watching the weekly NCIS: New Orleans marathon. :frowning:

I don’t have a Monty Python library, though I do have Holy Grail and NFSCD.

Thanks for mentioning this. I’m enjoying it as I write and really needed the comic relief!

BBC America? It’s gonna be a commercial marathon, more like.

Sometimes I wish I kept my old Paramount VHS tapes, as they don’t have the cuts the DVDs do. Some, I understand (“Golf, strangling animals, and masturbation”), but what was the problem with Biggles saying, “I’m not a Spanish person”?

And I wonder why they didn’t put back the Choreographed Party Political Broadcast sketch that was cut from the broadcasts made available to the USA (they were replaced with a set of captions - something like, “Tonight’s Episode Begins Straight Away With the Opening Titles” “No it doesn’t; it started with that caption” “Oh yeah”)? The version I heard was, that change was made because otherwise the episode ran too long, and PBS stations were complaining that it pushed the rest of that night’s schedules off; I remember San Francisco’s PBS station once cutting the last couple of minutes of a show that followed a long-running MPFC episode.

Is there anywhere which lists these cuts?

Being a mere child when MPFC broadcast int the UK, I used to rely of copies of copies of VHSs, and found it wonderful when I found that the US had released them on DVD (not sure if they are in the UK yet). But those being cut? It doesn’t surprise me that they might be, just I’d like to know what.

I’ve also access to other sources (torrents) which might be more authentic, so it would be nice to know a detailed list.