Moody Blues

I’m going to see the Moody Blues tomorrow night! I saw them once back around 1974, awesome. I am sure they have lost some of their edge, but I bet it’s still going to be rather good.

Undoubtedly, they’ve softened a bit… some of their more recent stuff is basically shit, to boot.

However… The Moody Blues have some amazing, transcendent material. I love most of the songs on their “best of” collection, as well.

Ah, the Moody Blues was my very first concert, and I’m not even really a fan. My parents dragged me along to a concert when I was about 12. IIRC, it was pretty damn mellow, but I think that just might be how the band is.

Ray Thomas sings as well as ever, and Justin Hayward still sounds phenomenal on most of his songs. The one weak link? John Lodge. His bass playing is still superb, but his voice isn’t very strong any more, and he can’t hit high notes at all.

As long as they stick mostly to old classics, they still put on a great show. For your sake, I hope they don’t spend too much time on songs from after “The Other Side of Life.”

Ray Thomas is not on this tour. His ‘replacement’ is flutist Norda Mullen.

Post-1986 songs are “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere”, “Lean On Me (Tonight)”, “English Sunset” and “Words You Say”. The lesser played songs are “The Actor”, “Steppin’ in a Slide Zone” and “Are You Sitting Comfortably”.

BTW the newest MB album was released this week. “December” – it’s a Christmas album… stop snickering!

I really haven’t heard any of their new stuff, maybe it’s better I haven’t. My recollection of them goes from their roots to about the Seventh Sojourn album. I am hoping they do a lot of old stuff.

It’s about a 50/50 mix. I think I’ve been to 13 of their shows, and they don’t change much. The second half should be to your liking!

The last time I saw the Moody Blues, they opened for Chicago in the late 80’s. They were pretty good then.

Just got home. They did pretty much an oldies show. Good stuff.

~~ Lovely to See You Again My Friend ~~

I saw them twice in the 90’s, one time with the Toledo Symphony…both shows were wonderful and I was surprised by their energy and stage presence. However, I really only enjoy their pre 80’s music.