Moon landing hoax originator Bill Kaysing dead

Actually, he died in March, and I just read about it in Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy Blog.

While I’m never glad at someone’s death, in this case it would be okay if his silly notions could die with him.

I think it’s a hoax. He really faked his death and is hanging out with Elvis and Jimi.

…hanging out on the moon.

I think we should start a fund to pay to have his ashes launched into space.

Space? Why not go and make it very specific? How about: Pluto?

No, send his ashes to the Moon. :slight_smile:
Try and hit Tranquility Base.

Doubtless, he was assassinated by a faceless, nameless government organization in order to silence him. This merely proves that he was correct.

(They have a huge backlog of conspiracy theorists to whack which is why it took 36 years to get around to it.)

Hey, don’t spread it around. If they know that we know, they’ll start to remove us.

Hey, is that a black heli

I wonder if he believes it now? :wink:

Don’t make jokes like that! :smack: You just know there’s someone out there already writing a webpage screed that says exactly that!

He was a man perpetually out of his depth in matters he was almost wilfully ignorant about, but he never knew or admitted it. Unfortunately there’s a half dozen others willing to step up to replace him, and worse, there’s a fair suspicion that they’re really in it for the book/DVD sales. Bill was stupid, but I suspect he was at least honest in his ignorance.

I don’t think he ever existed.

I’m betting Buzz Aldrin’s behind it. He’s trying to send another message to Sibrel. :smiley:

“Tranquility Base here…the conspiracist has landed.”