There is a quiz at a friends work and we are racking our brains trying to remember the theme song for the show Moonlighting.

Can anyone help?

The clue was the song title has the word ‘blue’ in it.

The song “Blue Moon” was used in the show (it was also the name of the detective agency) but it wasn’t the theme. The theme was sung by Al Jarreau, and I believe it was an original composition done specifically for the show - I think it started out like this:

Some walk by night, some fly by day
Moonlighting strangers, who just met on the way

That’s all I remember.

If you want to listen to the song, Moonlighting is shown on Bravo Mon.-Fri. at 7:00 PM Eastern.

As best I can judge, the name of the theme from ‘Moonlighting’ was ‘The Theme from Moonlighting’. Here’s a FAQ site complete with lyrics.