Moose Calf Video

You gotta watch this, folks. A two-day old moose calf decides to take on a vent pipe. Filmed by a local homeowner. The site may ask you to register, but it’s free.

Didn’t have to register.


Dang. Looks like the server took too many hits. Take my word for it, it was the cutest footage I think I’ve ever seen.

Still works for me.

Quite adorable.

Awwwww… lookit the little moosie. He fall down go boom.

Very, very cute – but there is a part of me that is really creeped out right now. I never realized how similar a baby moose’s legs are to those of a tarantula’s.
Or a half of a tarantula, as the case may be.

He seems to be having trouble figuring out this “legs” concept.

Heheh. His ambition is a little too big for him. But he’ll grow into it.


My favorite part is when he tries to push on the drain and goes ass over tea kettle.

The. Cutest. Thing. EVER.

Thank you for the link, my kids and I had a good laugh and at least two Awww Cuuutes!.


An interesting part of this video is that you’ll notice that this 2-day old critter has all the aggressive moves down already. Head down, hackles raised. But you have to wonder what it is about the vent pipe that got him fired up. Adult male moose in rut have been known to charge trains, but this little guy wouldn’t have experienced that yet.

I’m glad y’all have met my great-nephew, Bert J. Moose. He’s studying to be a chimney sweep. . . .

Hey Hal, what would a baby sheep’s legs be similar to? Or did you have better things to do than check that out? :smiley:

Dude, the guy may have sex with sheep, but he is NOT a pedophile. That is disgusting, you sick bastard.

Very cute.:slight_smile: Funny long spindly legs!