Morbid Q: Which of these fates strikes you as worst?

I have type-2 diabetes, which I manage by diet and exercise. As I am extremely lazy, I have to psych myself up to do a run; this involves reciting a list of complications of prolonged high blood sugar. I try to order them from least to most terrying, so it goes like something this:

Amputation of a foot
Kidney failure requiring a transplant
Kidney failure requiring dialysis
Death by heart attack, stroke, etc.
Paralysis because of stroke

You may think it odd that I list blindess and paralysis as the worst fates. But I hate, hate, hate the idea of being dependent on others; I’d much rather be dead.

Anyway, which of the list fates strikes you as worst?

On a Monday you had to do this?

I don’t find it odd at all, as I chose paralysis. I’m assuming you meant (at least fairly) permanent and complete paralysis? I mean…if it’s just one side, and with recovery I can walk and use my arm somewhat, then blindness tops it.

The bottom 3 are basically the same, but paralysis gets the nod because it might prevent me from killing myself.

Too bad you can’t edit my poll, Czarcasm. You could add Being trapped in an elevator with Skaldimus when he’s in one of those moods. :smiley:

Your thinking pretty much dovetails with mine.

Paralysis would be worse than blindness, IMO. You can still do lots of things blind that you can’t do paralyzed.

Blindness isn’t so bad- you’d learn to compensate especially if it happens at a younger age. Kidney failure requiring dialysis is worse. That’s actually putting a limited term then on your life vs. just going right then and there (Strokes and MI- though you could survive in a weakened state). I’d rather not know I was going to die in 10-5 years.
Dialysis is now a less painful experience, but it’s not a cure, it’s basically a holding period until Transplant. If no transplant is found, you’re not dying in a pleasant manner really- you’re basically just burning money until you can’t afford the treatment anymore- so you’re just depleting your resources until you die.

The biggest thing about transplants for me that I never knew was that they’re not a permanent solution. The average kidney transplant tends to last 10 years, and then you’re back on Dialysis again until you find another transplant.

It’s a vicious cycle there. Also problematic- the transplants will likely be giving you immunosuppression to prevent rejection- so you could add MRSA or other opportunistic Infectious Diseases to your death causes- as being immunocompromised is NOT a fun situation to be in especially when you’ll be in the hospital every so often so that you are at a greater risk from all the crazy random bugs out there.

Don’t forget about the idea of full blown insulin resistance, where upon your body basically won’t produce ANY insulin anymore, and you become a functional type 1 diabetic as well as a type II diabetic. Then you’ll inherit another whole host of problems as well, as you’ll constantly need to monitor your diet and require insulin shots and such post meal. More complications abound!

Well, sure. But I’m 40. No longer young.

Well, I wasn’t actually looking for things to add to the list, you know. The 7 I listed are already Garm nipping at my heels.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Sea Inside notwithstanding.

I’m assuming you meant MAJOR paralysis. I’ve known plenty of people who had strokes and ended up with a limp or just talking a little funny. If we’re talking minor paralysis, I’d pick something else.

Well…death to me is the worst, but paralysis and blindness come pretty close after that. I suppose it would depend on the type of paralysis, though. I am a photographer and very into visual arts and crafts, so to lose my sight or the ability to use my hands…I think I would go nuts pretty quickly.

Had to pick between those two which is the worst. Not being able to see my kids/grandkids (someday) or not being ambulatory. I think they’re about equally poor options.

I chose “Paralysis because of stroke” but blindness comes a very close second.

I could live with the others (Except the death one, of course - but there’d be no need to live with death)

If I’m blind, I can’t read. Yes, I know there’s braile and text-to-speech - but both are slow and unreliable. I know there are blind lawyers - but they must be made of sterner stuff than I, because I don’t know how I’d manage.

Blindness would rob me of my profession, my capacity to educate myself, and even the Dope.

I would choose anything else - paralysis, death, whatever you could name - before I would choose to go blind.

I picked paralysis and then changed to blindness. Either would be terrible; being paralyzed AND blind would be the worst.

Paralysis robs you of any independence.

Blindness does not.

Ok I didn’t think this one through. I picked impotence, but I should have picked paralysis. I think not getting laid would be the least of my problems if I’m paralyzed because of a stroke.

I saw a patient today who had been on dialysis for 28 years! He had at least 7 failed grafts in his arms, currently getting dialysis through an AV graft in his femorals. Fascinating to talk with him (admittedly very briefly) about the differences between dialysis in 1982 and 2010.

I picked the only one that involves death :eek:, seems to be a no-brainer.

I had a client on dialysis and she went three times a week. She had chronic MRSA of the blood and a failed graft. It was awful to watch. They finally got a good vein in her other arm. When she wasn’t inpatient fighting off the MRSA she was weak from the dialysis. She is 85 and a real fighter.