More 3/1/2001 Survivor questions (spoiler, if you taped it...)

What was that nifty inhalable field anasthetic they gave Michael? Never came across that in my Y2K investigations!

I was wondering about that too. Hope you get some answers. I could use one for staff meetings!

I thought it was more like a nebulizer or asthma thing, since he said he inhaled smoke.

My impression was that he inhaled hot gases (didn’t he say his throat was burning?) and that it was a anesthetic inhalant. I hope someone posts who knows something about this.

It was a morphine inhaler. Lots of medics use them these days instead of injections. It’s MUCH harder to give an accidentally fatal dose this way, and it gets into the bloodstream nearly as fast.

Methoxyflurane. Not FDA approved in the US.

I was wondering about this myself. I think I found the product they used here.

Dead Flowers was right about the drug used, and that it’s apparently used only in Australia and the Philippines

Here’s a page that has more details and some links: