More annoying movie goofs

It hasn’t even premiered yet but The Pentagon Papers annoys the hell out of me! The filmmakers either have no idea how the civilian side of the Federal Government works or they oversimplified it for the general audience. How do I know this even though the movie isn’t on until Sunday? It’s the promos, at least the ones on the radio. There’s a voice, presumably James Spader’s as Daniel Ellsberg, saying that he’s a GS-18, the highest attainable civilian rank. First off, the General Schedule (GS) isn’t about rank, it’s a pay scale. Second, there is no such thing as a GS-18! The highest attainable GS is 15, above that one has to be in the Senior Executive Service! Worst of all is that they seem to be associating the General Schedule with a security clearance. It doesn’t work that way, people! Sheesh!

Maybe G-15 is the highest rank that they tell you about. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!

Interesting Jeff. I too wondered about the movie. Is it supposed to be based on truth? Or is it totally fiction? In either case, a little homework would have helped.

It is supposedly based on a true story, yes. Now way of knowing how much of that truth made it into the movie, of course.

Snug: very funny. :stuck_out_tongue: