More ballot b.s.

A proofreading error on the Michigan absentee ballot?

Sigh. I don’t know whether to put my tinfoil hat on or off.


And there is This:Voter registration cards never submitted: Esme Murphy reports (2:08). (link probably dead after today)

D’oh! I wonder if thousands of Republican votes will end up getting counted for Kerry, thousands of Kerry votes counted for the green party, and dozens of Green votes counted for the US Taxpayer Party?

More likely they’ll just throw them all out.


That does it. I am not going to the polls unless Jimmy Carter personally accompanies me.

Why don’t we just draw straws?

I don’t know about this…after Florida 2000 I’m willing to believe any election screw-up can happen, but something doesn’t seem right about that “ballot.” Does anyone really think that the parties under the straight-ticket section would be represented by cute little graphics–like with Lincoln and Reagan for the GOP, and “Unidentified Politician” and JFK for the Dems? And that the graphic for the Dems would be so mangled (hell, I thought Cyrillic characters were being used at first)? And that under Ralph Nader’s name would appear “No Party Afiliation [sic]”?

Looks like another fake documents scam to me.

Several dozen ballots were missprinted in one town in Michigan; The image is of one of them. Fresh ballots were already sent out.

That’s FDR and JFK for the Dems.

Wow, I couldn’t even recognize F. Delano.

That ballot doesn’t just look like a misprint though, it looks like a misguided first attempt. Either way, it’s not the final ballot, and likely never was intended to be. False alarm here.


Just looking for the straight dope on this. I would be relieved to know that it’s just a few ballots and the problem has been corrected.


OK. Thanks.

My question is, did that picture REALLY need to be 1.6 MB?

Thing is, that doesn’t look any more confusing than the butterfly-ballot if you just stop and look and think for a second. I could vote using one like that no problem.

It’s the counting that would concern me.

How about accepting registations after the deadline?

November 3 can’t get here soon enough.

From your cite:

So why does she allow some applications and not others? Could it be that that they were registered Republicans? Hmmm?

Umm, did you read the article? It’s a group opposed to Bush.

It seems more of a case of a rude and pushy young man getting his way.

No. The group is affiliated with a 527 that has endorsed Kerry.

Oh, and LePore is a Democrat.

This wasn’t some guy showing up with ID and proof of residency trying to register himself to vote. This is a guy showing up with a bundle of applications, some filled out and dated months ago, after the deadline and affording officials absolutely no opportunity to determine if the people named in the applications are registered elsewhere or are even eligible to vote at all.

You wouldn’t find that a little suspicious?