More cat craziness

Moki loves to open cabinet doors. I had to laugh when I was in the hospital and my sister had her, sis was exasperated by her opening all the doors in her place. And what’s the deal with putting her toys, like rubber bands or twist ties, in her food dispenser? Sometimes she’ll leave them in the bath tub, too. One of her quirks is that she loves foot massages. I mean whole foot on her, pressing down, and moving it around. She’ll stretch out to her full length, and sometimes roll over so I can get the other side. Weird!

my cat figured out how to open screen doors so much that we replaced ours with a thumb button one because she figured out if she just pushed on the handle she could get out front …

Our cat also likes putting things in containers. I keep finding toy mice in my bag, shoes, boxes that we leave out for him to play in, and sometimes he even buries them in his litterbox.

One time I was taking a shower, and I turned around and saw a tiny black furry creature in the tub with me. My heart turned over in my chest and I almost screamed.

On a closer look, I realized it was a fuzzy toy mouse that one of my furry roommates, probably Jody, had dropped into the shower behind me. He did it after I started my shower because it sure wasn’t there when I got into the tub.

You can’t tell me that wasn’t on purpose!

It’s my theory that we usually have doorknobs instead of lever handles (which are easier for many humans) because cats can’t turn a doorknob. I’ve had more than one cat who clearly understood the idea and would try, but couldn’t get a grip.

– I had a pair of siblings who figured out that if they put a live mouse in the tub, the mouse wouldn’t be able to get out, and would be there for them to play with later. I managed to defeat this by leaving the (fabric) shower curtain inside the tub, rather than outside it, when not in use; mice could climb the curtain and escape.

I once heard odd noises from a bathroom, looked in, and saw one of those cats in the tub. I thought she must have been chasing her tail, and was about to leave her to it, but I noticed she was lying in an odd huddled position. I picked her up – and discovered she’d been hiding, underneath herself, a live mouse, so I wouldn’t see it. (I was in the habit of taking the mice away and evicting them outdoors.)

No theory of mind, my left foot.