More Feng Shui

Last night I’m at a nice restaurant, a large dinner party including the roommate-of-a-friend who advised me to close the toilet’s lid before flushing, lest I “flush all the energy down.”

The waitress comes over to the table, takes one look and says “Oh, the Feng Shui needs fixing.” She repositions a candle and a small vase of flowers. “There.”

Then about one minute later, she comes back with water glasses. She moved the flowers and the candle to make room for the water, just thrusting everything aside all anyhow, destroying the Feng Shui in a single stroke. Horrified, I knew then that Something Bad Was About To Happen.

A couple minutes after that, she comes back with a bottle of wine. Plates had by this time been set, and we were eating appetizers as the waitress opened the bottle. In a freak incident, the bottle slipped from her hands, landing in the plate of the woman next to me, shattering the plate. China shards everywhere, in the food, in the woman’s lap, everywhere. By some good fortune - probably the favorable astrological relationship between me and my dinner companion - the bottle itself remained intact. In my mind’s eye only, I saw the bottle shattered and my companion soaked with wine from head to toe, just like Carrie covered with pigs’ blood.

The waitress said “That’s never happened to me before.” I bet not. The lesson of the story: don’t mess with the Feng Shui, or it will mess with you.

You got it Jack.

The Feng Shui in my bedroom is about as bad as bedroom Feng Shui can get.

No wonder I always have such…interesting relationships…

Huh. And here I thought it was a good idea to close the toilet when flushing so the seat wouldn’t get splashed if the toilet happens to have a powerful flush.
What do I know?

Yeah, I had been closing the lid anyway because of the “plume of bacteria” described in one of Cecil’s classics. Now that I know it’s good feng shui, I’m not doing it anymore.

Well, once you open the third eye of awareness on the total concousness plane, then you’ll have a mojo that will fix and feng shui imbalance in your aura. Maybe cover your bases with a little tantric breathing while reciting om mani padme hom as your crystal balls impact but not shatter.

I bet you open those letters that say you may have already won a million dollars and forward any email chain letters to 10 of your fiends.:slight_smile: