More games like Virtual Villagers?

A friend just discovered the Virtual Villagers games at . Now she wants other games that has you build villages, breed people, grow & gather food, etc. Any suggestions?

Travian seems to be very popular. You start off with one village and grow resources, build buildings, trade with other villages and are even able to create more villages. There is a bit of military aspect to the game which kind of ruins it for me though.

There’s the Black & White series.

My Tribe is similar (and also available at Big Fish).

I like the Westward series of games–although one doesn’t breed people in them, just go settle the West, and while there are surprises, it’s a little more structured–you are frequently assigned quests to complete.

There is a SDMB alliance on the US Travian server 7. It’s in the SW quad. It’s mid-game on the server, so anybody joining might quickly find themselves surrounded by large and aggressive players. Still, you can always start, see if it’s a good game for you, get the learning curve out of the way, and meet the rest of the players.

Just joined as Rex Cecil.

See how long until I die.

I just joined Travian as player Raza, village Razaria (SW, -60 -227 for those that want to come raid me).

The original Age of Empires is vaguely as you described.

How about Escape From Paradise, also a BigFishGames game? (I love BigFishGames. I’ve probably bought half a dozen games from them and tried out another dozen trials).