More holes for pepper or for salt?

In every other salt & pepper shaker set I have, the pepper is a mill. But the one I just got with a picnic basket is two shakers. One has three holes and one has six holes (the holes are all the same size). I’m stymied.

In the sets I’ve seen the shaker with the greater number of holes is for pepper.

I just checked, and the set I have agrees with Cunctator. In addition, I put pepper on everything and rarely use the salt, so it would make sense for me to set it up like that also. Bon apetite`

Huh. The three sets I own the holes appear to be in the same number. I just wish they were bigger in the pepper, since I prefer cracked pepper instead of the finely ground stuff.

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It is not so much the number or size that matters as much as the combination of mumber of holse and size. I have two shakers with a capacity of about 8 oz. each.
The one with 25 1/16" holes in form of a P and the other with 30 1/32" holes in the form of an S.

As for seasoning, some should be added in the cooking process, and those dining have opportunity to add to taste at the table.

Have you tried pepper on custard pie or cantalope. It really kicks it up a notch or two. :slight_smile: