More Horrible Person - Jeremy Osbourne (Jez) or the Sunny Philadelphia Gang?

Pretty much it’s all in the title.

I’ve watched all of “Sunny”, including yesterday’s Season Seven premiere, which actually wasn’t very good, but the gang wasn’t actually all that bad. But they usually are.

Meanwhile, over the last two weeks I’ve blazed through the first five seasons of “Peep Show”, and Jez is quite possibly one of the worst human beings ever to exist. If he actually had any sort of drive he’d probably be a serial killer who killed people by tossing them in a pit and then drowning them with his urine over the course of months. But he doesn’t, because he’s lazy.

The Sunny gang, while fantastically self-centered and inconsiderate don’t seem to do things due to malice too often. Jez, though, seems to act through little more than callow spite.



It’s harder to make excuses for Jez as you can hear his thoughts, like when he drugged Mark and briefly considered raping him. On the other hand, apparently everybody has those types of dark thoughts which they never act on, so it might not be fair to condemn him for that.

His actions, on the other hand (the aforesaid drugging, burning the dog, trying to kill his girlfriend’s fiancée) seem much worse than what I’ve seen of the Paddy’s Pub gang. Disclaimer: I’ve not watched all of Sunny.

To be fair (I can’t believe I’m being fair…), I believe burning the dog was Mark’s idea. Though since that was something Jez said out loud it could very well have been bullshit.

At the end of the first season I think he showed how bad he was clearly for me, even though it was one of his more minor bad things, when he’s getting a handjob from Toni. He’s convinced her to do it because she thinks he’s dying and his thought is, “I’m going to feel bad about this once she’s done”. Not overcome by lust or anything, just completely analytical about being a bastard.


I think the most important question id: where have you gotten all five season? I can only find season 1 on Netflix, and it’s not even instant watch.

I’m not allowed to say. But the show is hilarious if you can handle the bleakness of it. It’s pretty bleak. Both guys have completely opposite personalities, yet Mark manages to do almost as much damage as Jeremy.

And Big Suze is soooooo cute.


Rats, that’s what I was afraid of. You win this time, lack of technical know-haw and personal ethical standards.

I can help you with the technical knowhow, but the lack of ethical standards is going to be your own hurdle.

-Jez Lite

42 episodes of Peep Show on Hulu.

It is indeed the answer to life, the universe and everything.

I’ve watched all the episodes of both shows and I think Dennis is worse than Jez.

Dennis is probably the one who can give the biggest run for the money. However, let’s remember Jez’s chalmydia and how instead of telling Biz Suze about it he used it as an opportunity for a date.


I’ve never seen the other show, but between the D.E.N.N.I.S. system (god, I can’t believe I still remember what that stands for) and the “implication” speech, I think Dennis is the most horrible person ever on TV.

Jez just seems stupid while Dennis seems malicious. Obviously they are both malicious but Jez seems unintentionally so?

Funny how they both are privileged brats.

Jez can get away with it more than Dennis because he has a British accent :slight_smile:

I dunno, Jez helped Sophie’s father commit arson against the guy he (Sophie’s father) though was banging his wife behind his back.

It was really Jez.

Well, sure, but then again Dennis can just pop off his shirt! Seems to work wonders.

Let’s all remember when Jez got busted for shoplifting. His escape plan was to hit the store owner (not too badly, just until he stops resisting) to get out.


Getting someone to relapse a crack addiction is bad.

Using crack to get food stamps and getting Dee hooked as well is much worse. Especially if he could have any food and he picked what he did.

Assuming you’re talking about Super Hans, I’d probably to the same to get Big Suze in bed.

Actually, no, I just would have gotten another room, but that’s because I have a credit card.

You can’t blame Dennis for Dee getting hooked on crack. She was part of coming up with that scheme in the first place.


I haven’t seen Peep Show, I’ll have to check it out. The Sunny gang remind me of what the Seinfeld people would be like in real life if they could keep friends.

Dee and the others leading Rickety Cricket into losing his job as a priest and ending up a druggie, missing-toothed, broken-legged street urchin (that Mac and Dennis “hunted,” bwahaha) was pretty low…but awesomely hilarious. And Frank is morally bankrupt, way worse than the other, IMO, he pimped Dennis out for Pete’s sake! And his “fathering” is what made Dee and Dennis the way they are so…oh, and making Charlie’s mom his “bang maid!” It’s endless!

I haven’t seen Peep Show, but it sounds like I need to…